NCROPA Papers – 1997


One additional document for 1997 can be found here along with additional documents from other years.

(1) Press release re a European conference on combating violence and pornography on the Internet, January 6, 1997
Re the above, for combating violence and pornography, read censorship.
(2) Copy letter David Webb/NCROPA to Jerry Hayes MP, January 14, 1997
It remains to be seen why David Webb deemed it necessary to post the above letter recorded delivery.
(3) Letter Jerry Hayes MP to David Webb/NCROPA, January 18, 1997
(4) Sexual Freedom Coalition, minutes of the 9th plenary meeting, March 26, 1997
(5) Agenda for meeting of the Sexual Freedom Coalition, April 23, 1997
(6) Minutes of the above meeting, April 23, 1997
(7) Copy letter David Webb/NCROPA to publisher Russ Moran, May 20, 1997
(8) Letter from P.O. Box Duty, June 19, 1997
(9) Letter Andrew McNamara of HM Customs, October 20, 1997
The above is to an individual in the West Midlands concerning the film Phenomena.
(10) Letter from Bob in Holland to David Webb, November 6, 1997

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