Leroy Cool Meets The SWP At The London Riots

The racist, fascist capitalist system is in crisis.


Hmm, he doesnít look like a wigger.


Comrades, we must all of us unite against the Tories and the bosses...


Oh, of course, a red.


...in the spirit of international solidarity.


Ah, a Trot.


The racist stop and search policies of the British police...


Just in case you wondered what I was doing in London, Iíve been back researching at Kew like last Summer.


...have led to the alienation of our black brothers.


Black brothers? Shit, those motherfuckers scare the crap out of me. Like Iím glad this isnít my shop.



Or my car.



Let us all stand firm in solidarity with the oppressed minorities of Britain...


Hey Chris, I donít think they heard you.



...to fight for a living wage for all, and full employment.


Sure thing, dude. I guess youíve never heard of Major Douglas and Social Credit, huh?


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