Leroy Cool Meets Gerry Gable

Hello, Mr Gable!


What? Oh, hello Delroy.




Of course, Leroy; I must be getting forgetful in my old age.


Thinks - You sure must be, thatís probably why you remember things that never happened.
Says - This is a small world; Iím en route to the Public Record Office again.


Oh, and what are you studying today, Colonial Africa?


Yes, Mr Gable.


About how those wicked racists oppressed black people with slavery, White Supremacy, exploitation and Apartheid?


Sure thing, and how they tore down great African civilisations and forced the natives to live in mud huts.




Hey, isnít that the same baseball cap you were wearing when you were interviewed for the Camden New Journal by John Gullible?


John Gulliver? Yes. Did you read that?


Yeah, thatís how I recognised you.




In that interview you said it was you who brought David Copeland to justice.


Thatís right, so I did.


Man, it really is a small world, like you said. You know why?


No. Why?


Because thatís exactly the same type of hat Copeland was wearing when he was identified by his workmate Paul Mifsud after a public appeal by the police.




Good grief, thatís my train. Bye!


Man, how come dem honkies fall for this Kosher James Bond shit all the time? Donít they realise Google is their friend, even if Gerry Gable isnít?

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