Shining Example Of “Searchlight”

As will be seen from the above scan, this is an article about/interview with Gerry and Sonia Gable from the December 3, 2009 issue of the Camden New Journal, page 13. It is the usual fawningly uncritical garbage about what a wonderful person Gerry is, and his lovely wife, of course. Gerry tells this moron that he helped bring David Copeland to book, and the sap takes him at his word. Doesn’t he read the papers?

One thing he does get right, Gable has been pursuing the far right in the manner of the Witchfinder General. The victims of the original Witchfinder General had something in common with those of Gable and his gang. They were largely innocent, harmless people who were subjected to inhuman treatment at the whim of a fanatic who took it upon himself to start a pogrom.

My thanks to the indefatigable Mark Taha for bringing this piece of garbage to my attention.

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