Leroy Cool Meets Pamela Geller

Excuse me, arenít you Pamela Geller, the woman who placed those anti-jihad adverts on the New York Subway?




Do you affirm what you said about standing by the civilised man and supporting Israel?


Yes, of course.


Hmm. I guess she means this...




And this...




And this guy...



And savages kill babies, right, while civilised men, donít?


Yes, thatís right.


Hmm. You mean like this?






It must be that anti-Israel bias in the media, I suppose?




Like this?


Er, yes.


And in politics.




Like this...





Youíre in favour of free speech, right?


Yes, for everyone.


Including him?



And him?





Well, nice to know what you stand for, anyway.



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