Israel’s Right To Self-Defence: A Story In A Few Words -
And Horrific Pictures

Israel claims Hamas fired from school as death toll hits 640 - London Times Online headline, January 6, 2009.

In 1993, I published a pamphlet called Charity Begins At Home, which was basically an appeal to Jews to stop sending money to the Zionist entity to buy bullets for the murderers of Palestinian children. The leaders of Organised Jewry in Britain actually had the gall to refer it to the Attorney General. The recent and ongoing horror in Gaza, one of many Zionist atrocities since then, together with the muted response of especially the US Government, has shown that little if anything has changed. True, journalists, Western politicians and ordinary people are now able to speak much more freely about the pernicious influence of the “Jewish Lobby”, which is in reality no more Jewish than Al-Qaeda is Moslem. Many more American Jews have (finally) lost patience with the Zionist entity, but the Israelis are still able to mount these genocidal operations with near total impunity.

The reaction of the White House was typical: “The United States understands that Israel needs to take actions to defend itself”, said Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for George W. Bush.

And President Elect Obama, the candidate of change responded “If somebody is sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that - and I’d expect Israelis to do the same thing”.

Obama’s muted response is perhaps not surprising; it would be unwise to alienate Jewish supporters and backers before he has even taken office, but his words will surely have won him few converts in the Islamic world, which in the run up to last year’s Presidential race saw the publication of many (hilarious) cartoons of this nature:

While the Israeli Government has a duty to do something to alleviate bombings, its all too typical response is comparable to the British Government decimating large tranches of Catholic Belfast at the height of the IRA terror campaign. If the Government of Harold Wilson had ordered bombing raids on innocent Catholics in the wake of the 1974 Birmingham bombings, there would have been wordlwide outrage and rioting in the streets.

Below are photographs of some of the young Arab victims; as usual, the death toll is about a hundred to one in favour of those poor, powerless people who have been persecuted for two thousand years for no rational reason.

January 7, 2009



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