A Collection Of Documents
Relating To “Smoking And Something Else” And “The Doll’s House”

including correspondence and the “Gudrun Greunke Report” to
Edward Goldsmith

Compiled by Alexander Baron

The files below link to the above, which should be read in conjunction with Smoking And Something Else... and The Doll’s House...; it is so long since I compiled this collection that I really can’t remember on which basis they were selected. Nor can I remember now why there is a chart between pages 1 and 2 of the document headed SPAID’S COMMENTS ON, but I suspect this is something to do with statistics from asbestos deaths. Nor am I certain why the SPAID’s COMMENTS report is incomplete. I present this document as it was published initially, and hope that now it will be of some use.

Like all the others in this collection, the document dated April 16, 1993 - letter from Sir Richard Doll to myself - was photocopied. Here I have substituted a scan of the original.

Because of the limitations of this website I have created a separate file for each page. * There are though some very good free PDF editing programs available, and the reader may use PDFHammer or PDFTK Builder to combine them if desired.

Alexander Baron

September 14, 2008

* I have since compressed the files so have condensed the format somewhat.

Front cover of publication
Letter Gudrun Greunke to Edward Goldmith
Gudrun Greunke Report
SPAID letter to the Sunday Times, April 26, 1985
SPAID letter to Sir Richard Doll, April 30, 1985
Letter Olav Axelson to Sir Richard Doll, January 22, 1986
Letter Dr Susan Chesters to Alexander Baron, April 14, 1993
Letter Sir Richard Doll to Alexander Baron, April 16, 1993
Letter Professor Hans Eysenck to Alexander Baron, April 27, 1993
Letter Professor Samuel Epstein to Alexander Baron, April 28, 1993
Letter Simon Wolff to Alexander Baron, May 13, 1993
SPAID’s comments on Sunday Times article, April 24, 1985, first page
Chart re asbestos-related deaths
SPAID’s comments on Sunday Times article, April 24, 1985, second page
Back cover

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