The Pot Limit Razz Era

Like The Digital Journal Era, the Pot Limit Razz Era was short but spectacular. To begin with I cannot say I liked the game, but it soon grew on me, especially as I was good at it and kept winning. Sadly, it came to an end far too soon. As far as I am aware, Ladbrokes is the only poker site on which pot limit razz has ever been played, and quite likely the only place it has ever been played, period. The tournaments varied but my favourite, (the one alluded to here as the big one), in which I enjoyed by far the most success was the E5.00 + E.50 2nd Chance PLUS Tournament. It began at 21.40 every night and allowed one rebuy plus a top up (add-on) after the first hour. (Both those terms may be hyphenated or not so). This tournament had its regulars, and its regular winners. I was in both categories. The small field meant you needed to cash more often. I did!

Sadly, these tournaments were not that popular with other players, and towards the end, they were replaced with no limit tournaments, including one with a E10.00 buy-in. I entered that a couple of times, but no limit razz the same as no limit anything else is a game for morons and broken hearts.

I continued to monitor the site, but sadly instead of the pot limit tournaments being restored, Ladbrokes moved to the iPoker Network, and razz disappeared altogether. Sigh.

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