Leroy Cool Meets A Genuine Holocaust Survivor

Hi there, or perhaps I should say hello, dere. I’m back in the UK again. It’s the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, and would you believe there is a survivor of that outrage?

Excuse me, aren’t you Beatha Uwazaninka?

Beatha Uwazaninka-Smith. Yes.

I saw you on the BBC ten years ago.


I think it’s terrible the way your Tutsi culture was destroyed.

Yes, it was.

I know some of us American blacks make a lot of noise about slavery, but that’s history. What happened to you though, that is in our time.

Yes, it was terrible.

I gather you work for the Aegis Trust now.

Yes. Combatting intolerance, so that genocides will not be repeated.

Hmm. What would you say was your greatest contribution to that so far?

Marrying a white man.


What was that about those who cannot remember the past being doomed to repeat it?


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