Turning Rubbish Into Energy — The Kenyan Way

Africa has long been regarded as a basket case and a bottomless pit for aid, but now, with a little help from their President and a foundation, Kenyans are doing something for themselves: building wind turbines from scrap metal.

Ngong Hills Wind Project, Kenya.

Check out this short video here. *

According to the people at Indigo, there are 1.5 billion people who have no proper access to electricity. The big problem with power has always of course been its cost, something that is expressed not only in dollars and cents but in environmental degradation and human suffering, including wars. Now, a team of engineers has come up with a radical and cheap design for producing energy from the wind more efficiently than from the Sun. Turbines made from scrap metal, is that innovative or what?

This new design wind turbine has already won an award from the President of Kenya, and the Segal Family Foundation is putting its money where its mouth is, promising to match dollar for dollar.

This sort of low finance initiative is in stark contrast to the massive wind farms currently under construction at sea, including off the British coast, but if they can deliver energy for rural homes at minimal cost, they should be considered seriously by all of us. Imagine having a few hundred of these generators on the flat roof of every major department store or apartment block in the country. Or throughout the world!

[The above article was published originally February 16, 2012. * The linked video was added September 25, 2022; the original having been removed from YouTube. The new video is unrelated to the project but illustrates a wind power project in Kenya. It was uploaded to YouTube on June 18, 2021.]

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