Warsi - The First Honourable Woman

Western feminists like to portray Moslem women as subservient to their menfolk in need of liberation. Yesterday, Sayeeda Warsi laid that myth to rest once and for all when she resigned from the British Government on a matter of principle. In doing so she followed in the footsteps of the late Robin Cook who resigned from the Cabinet in March 2003 on a similar matter of principle, namely that he was not prepared to sanction the invasion of Iraq and the bloodshed that followed. This principled stand is in stark contrast to the slavishly pro-Israel - and ultimately suicidal - stance taken by so many American politicians and self-styled community leaders - white and black.

Sayeeda Warsi - honour before self-aggrandisment.

When he came to power, David Cameron set about pandering to women voters and powerful political lobbies by moving more women into the Government. He also crawled to ethnic groups, probably because of their tendency to vote Labour. Sayeeda Warsi was elevated to the peerage in 2007 at a very young age, a move that many would suggest was not done on merit. If though Cameron and the rest of the Tory hierarchy thought she would be a nodding dog, they seriously misjudged her.

Video: A mass demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in London.

When she resigned yesterday she said the British Government policy on Gaza is indefensible. As well as a woman and a lawyer Sayeeda Warsi is a mother, and a mother of five at that. She was obviously moved as much as by seeing the bodies of young boys and girls slaughtered by the IDF as by considerations of the ultimate effects this will have on both the UK and on our standing in the world. While it is true that the Government has been talking tough to the Israelis on Gaza, tough talk that is not matched by action is mere bluster. Having said that, Sayeeda Warsi is far from the only politician who is unhappy with this state of affairs; there is also said to be disaffection in the Foreign Office. Though hers is the first resignation, it will almost certainly not be the last.

Though she may as yet be the one honourable woman, we should not forget there are honourable men outside of government. One of these is the musician Brian Eno whose unequivocal condemnation of the horror can be found here. And on Saturday there will be a big demonstration in Central London organised by the Stop The War Coalition. If you canít be there, you can catch up with them on Facebook.

[The above article was published originally August 6, 2014 with the archived video linked to the demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy. I have added here a photograph of the lady herself. The video of the Robin Cook speech was not archived by me].

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