Who Will Pay For Israel’s Crimes In Gaza?

Today, Israel has withdrawn from Gaza, what is left of it. Now the Palestinians and relief workers will be able to begin to pick up the pieces until the next time. The big question though – apart from when is the next time – is what will be the consequences of this calculated act of mass murder, especially for the West?

Video: An interview with a leading Israeli journalist who says Israelis are overwhelmingly blind to Palestinian suffering.

To ask that question is to answer it except for those who are wilfully blind. September 11 was a direct result of Western, specifically American, support for the Zionist entity and other repressive régimes. In the UK, the 7/7 attacks had the same root cause. What was so shocking about those is that three of the four attackers were born in Yorkshire, were otherwise totally assimilated, and had no real perceived connection with the Islamist movement.

Islamism is a complex phenomenon, but like other violent movements it gains succour from injustices wreaked upon those it claims it wants to save, Moslems in this case. Even if the Israel-Palestine issue were resolved overnight, Islamism would not go away, but it would lose most of its support. Only a fool would claim the perpetrators of 9/11 really cared about Moslems or anyone else, but that is not the point.

Assuming Israel can now be persuaded to leave Gaza alone – not that its leaders have ever listened to anyone – this vast concentration camp will have to be rebuilt. Who is going to pay for that? The answer is the Western taxpayer, largely the Americans.

Leaving that aside, America’s complicity will result almost certainly in terrorist attacks or attempted attacks on Americans abroad and even at home. The UK should not rule out such attacks either, and of course Jews worldwide will be seen as both soft targets and culpable by the extremists amongst the Islamist ranks.

Jewish political organisations recognise this, and their hypocrisy is sickening. The leaders of Australian Jewry have not only condoned and supported this latest Gaza massacre but have shown their true colours protesting against cartoons which they claim are “racial vilification” of Jews. Can they really be so stupid as not see the cause and effect?

The greatest hypocrisy though has come from that most pernicious of sham civil rights organisations which finds anti-Semitism everywhere, the ADL. Recently, some Central American countries have devised a new tactic for disposing of their unwanted waifs and strays, they ship them north to America and hope the stupid gringoes will take care of them. Many Americans object to this cynical tactic, and want them repatriated. Neither the US nor any other nation is obliged to take in an endless stream of immigrants from anywhere, especially when they will be a drain on the economy rather than an asset. What is the ADL’s view?

“The anti-immigrant movement has seized this opportunity to spread rhetoric that dehumanizes and demonizes these children.”

Wow, how about that, “demonising” kids is taboo, but murdering them is okay, as long as they are Palestinian.

Leaving aside the near certainty of terrorist reprisals against Westerners, Americans and Jews, there is something else with which we may yet have to come to terms.

All over YouTube you will find videos made by mentally disturbed young women who claim that sexual abuse – real or imagined – ruined their lives. While overwhelmingly they are flakes, there are some forms of abuse that can have truly disturbing effects on later life. Many of the young survivors of Gaza have suffered terrible injuries, have lost their homes, relatives, even their entire families. Some have seen their friends and loved ones murdered before their very eyes. Furthermore, these are not one-off events, they have been subjected to days, weeks, some would say years of what amounts to psychological torture. This torment of young minds is not only a breeder of hate and terror but of insanity. We should not be surprised if ten, fifteen, twenty years from now we see a population of neurotics, psychotics, anti-socials, even serial killers prowling the Middle East, and again, who will pick up the pieces?

There is one man who can stop all this madness in its tracks, if he has the courage to do so. Heck, they’ve already given him the Nobel Peace Prize, isn’t it time he earned it? President Obama could and would if he would cut off all aid to Israel overnight and call its leaders to account. True, there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects, maybe the networks would even rerun that awful Steven Spielberg film, but the applause from America and the world’s Moslems, indeed from all decent and half-decent people everywhere would easily drown out the hissing and bile of Abraham Foxman and these other, thoroughly evil men and women for whom only Jewish suffering matters.

[The above article was published originally August 5, 2014 with the video linked above. A few minor alterations have been made here. The original can be found at this link].

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