Two Comments On The Israeli/Flotilla Disaster Of May 2010 – And More!

The first short comment below – I can’t really call it an article – was published on Usenet, May 31, 2010; the second was published earlier the same day. Both were sent out in E-Mails to selected contacts. I also wrote a short poem, Song Of Zion, which I completed this morning, June 1.

The report I heard on the BBC news programme said several Israeli commandos had been hurt, and that nineteen people had been killed. For all the usual reasons, the actual final death toll has yet to be confirmed, suffice it to say that all the dead were goyim. The following day – ie this morning – one of its correspondents said there was a consensus in Israel, ie between the pro and antis, that this raid had been a disaster.

Shortly after I sent out Brave Israeli commandos I received an E-Mail from the indefatigable Bradley Smith in which he asked me to send him the url. Na´vely I assumed he was referring to my website, and replied:

‘There isn’t one yet, but I’ll put it on my website just for you! I think there were “only” nine dead, an initial report said 19.

Keep up the video work.’

It didn’t occur to me that Bradley – or anyone – would think this was anything other than black humour. So Bradley, here it is, below Iran and Israel, and below the further comments is a video named just for you!


Iran and Israel

In March 2007, the Iranian Navy seized 15 British servicemen who had strayed into their waters. For all the Iranians knew they were up to no good, planting mines or something.

Not a shot was fired, and shortly all were released by order of Iran’s charismatic leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Today, the Israelis murdered 19 innocent civilians on a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza in an unprovoked attack.

Which of these nations is a threat to world peace?


Brave Israeli commandos prevent another Holocaust

Israeli commandos stormed a flotilla taking aid to Gaza today. Unfortunately, 6 brave commandos were injured in the struggle, and they were forced to exterminate 19 anti-Semitic goyim.

The Israeli Defence Minister defended the raid pointing out that these ships were carrying weapons of mass destruction: “They attacked the commandos with knives”, he said, adding, “we believe that a few dead goyim and a few starving Palestinians are a small price to pay for averting another Holocaust. Isn’t six million Jews enough?”

The Minister also deplored the outbreak of virulent anti-Semitism in Turkey where enraged mobs have tried to storm the Israeli embassy inflamed by shockingly unbiased reports in the world media. “They’re all filthy anti-Semites”, he said, “so are you too.”


Break His Bones:
How Kosher Red Riding Hood Cried
Big Bad Anti-Semitic Wolf Once Too Often

The link below is to a video; this very short clip was extracted from a longer one; the voices are those of Paul Findley, US Congressman 1961-82, and Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law in the University of Illinois. Longer versions and background can be found on YouTube and numerous websites, but briefly, this shocking act of brutality captured on camera was taken during the First Intifada and it was, in my humble opinion, a turning point in the world’s perception of the Zionist entity. Up until then Israel had had its critics, but they could be dismissed as the usual suspects: anti-Semites cranky, subtle and obsessive; leftists for whom non-whites can do no wrong; Arabs and Moslems who of course hate Israel for religious and tribal reasons; and a handful of dissenting voices from mainstream politicians such as the aforementioned Paul Findley, and in Britain, the Labour MP and later Liberal peer Christopher Mayhew, who died in 1997.

This video changed all that. Like the gratuitous beating of motorist Rodney King by Los Angeles police a few years later it showed the Israelis in a different light. Neither I nor the world had any idea who these men were; they could have been serial killers or mass murderers for all we knew, but they were prisoners, they were under arrest, and if they had committed any crimes, they should have been restrained using reasonable force, escorted to a police station, charged, processed, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No one, not even a serial killer, not even a convicted serial killer unlawfully at large, should have been treated like this.

After this video went global, there was, again in my humble opinion, a see change in the world’s relationship, not only with Israel, but with politically active Jews everywhere. Before this video, any time Kosher Red Riding Hood cried Big Bad Anti-Semitic Wolf, the world at large - including politicians and the press - would shriek in horror. But after having seen this shocking and totally gratuitous brutality meted out to two defenceless young men, the broad mass of people, including even politicians and the mass media would now ask where is this wolf, Kosher Red Riding Hood? And if the wolf was indeed produced, they would ask where are his fangs, where are his claws, and why is he lying on the floor bleeding to death?

A blockade is an act of war, and the Israeli raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla – in international waters - was an act of piracy and mass murder. Surely the world has now had enough of the perfidy of Zion, and it is time for America and the world to take Israel’s leaders by the scruffs of their necks and drag them to the negotiating table to sort out the problem of a Palestinian state once and for all.

Break his bones!

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