The World Will Not Miss This Woman

The world will not miss Linda Carty
When later this year she is half-dragged, half-carried
From her toilet sized cell,
And strapped weeping to a gurney
Before being injected with a lethal cocktail.

The world will not miss her lies,
Her slanders or her whining.

The world will not miss the duplicity
Of her braindead supporters,
Nor their refrains of Amazing Grace.

The world will miss Joana,
Most especially will her son,
Who was four days old when Carty stood
One foot on the ground,
One in the trunk of her car,
Placed a plastic bag over her head,
And snuffed out her life like a candle.

The world will miss and weep for an innocent victim,
But not for a heartless perpetrator who is blinded
By her own deceit, sickness and arrogance.

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