A World Of Difference (2)

There was a man who didnít know the difference betwixt
A naturist and naturalist, he always got them mixed.
One day his girlfriend asked him if heíd take a holiday
With her down on the coast in a most naturalistic way.
Of course, my precious Liebling! he replied, anticipating
A week of naked lewdness and delightful fornicating.
Poor bleeder, did he get a shock! The only nude he saw
Was the chicken he plucked for lunch; that left him feeling raw,
And the nearest he got, poor lad, to rolling in the hay,
Was when he watched a bull ambush a cow and have its way.
It wasnít any fun at all, a-hiking, watching birds,
A crying shame, but heís to blame, confusing simílar words.
Make sure you learn from his mistake, in case one day you find
Youíve been invited somewhere thatís not what you had in mind.
A dirty weekend in Brighton could have a double meaning:
You think sheís taking you to bed and end up carpet cleaning.

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