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The first photograph below show disavow the reader of the idea that this is any kind of babe’s gallery. This is easily my favourite photograph of Elizabeth The Great, undoubtedly one of the most remarkable women in history, and an easy target for left wing idiots.

The other photographs include two and only two women I have lusted over: the lovely Lynsey de Paul, who was eight years my senior, and my contemporary Kate Bush, photographed here in 1978. The others have been included for different reasons. In no particular order they are:

Julia Hartley-Brewer: a formidable woman. I particularly liked her demolition of the idiotic Amelia Womack and her compassionate interview with the fragile Kato Harris.

There are four images of Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull because I find her particularly photogenic. Kellie-Jay is a mother of four, a plain speaker, and a human dynamo. The first image is extremely small, but I have been unable to find a larger one. The fourth image shows her with Julia Hartley-Brewer - two formidable women for the price of one.

Pippa King, whom I have met, is cut from the same cloth as Kellie-Jay, or rather Kellie-Jay is cut from the same cloth as her. You can read a bit about her here.

Valerie Storie is pictured in her wheelchair. You can read a bit about her here.

Lara Trump is included because she is in her own way just as charismatic as her father-in-law; for me, she has a Diana-like quality and seems to fill the room.

Tulsi Gabbard is included not simply because she is the loveliest woman in Hawaii but for her other qualities. The photograph of her below is a screengrab from that classic Democrat debate. Dressed in white and looking like the angel she is, Tulsi walked onto the stage, seemingly in slow motion, then proceeded to demolish the odious Kamala Harris.

Janice Fiamengo is a cyber-correspondent of mine, and the author of The Women’s Page, a scholarly monograph about a number of Canadian women from a bygone age.

The above is by no means an exclusive list, and I may add to it in time. There is one woman I admire above all others. She has her own image gallery.

March 22, 2021

The above photograph is Kate Sheedy, who was apparently 18 at the time. It is clearly from a photo-shoot or something, and I have always thought it particularly stunning, but it might well have been the last image the world ever saw of her. She was one of the victims of serial killer Levi Bellfield; on May 28, 2004, Bellfield ran her down in his van, then reversed over her. I will not detail her horrific injuries here, but she was lucky to survive. It was Kate more than anyone else who brought this monster to book.

Another photograph of Kellie-Jay; she is incredibly photogenic although not as impressive in the flesh. Until she opens her mouth!

Yet another photograph of Kellie-Jay, this was taken in the summer of 2021 after her return from holiday in Antigua. As you can see, she brought the Sun with her.

The amazing Linda Schlueter; I have no idea when this photograph was taken but she is probably a shade over forty here, and just as attractive as when at the age of nineteen she fought off murderer and serial rapist Rodney Reed. Without Linda, this lowlife would very likely have killed other women. You can read a bit about her here.

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