Winter Words

Deciduous nakedness unbounded,
Stripped horse chestnuts shiver in the cruel, cold wind,
Black scavengers trip staccato
Across the waste ground,
Cawing, pecking viciously,
Feeding off carrion,
Fluttering over the rubbish tip
And soaring in the crisp morning air:
Defiant, arrogant.
The brook burbles and flows rapidly,
Its chill waters lifeless and mortifying;
Heavy traces of the recent snow
Scattered like giant strands of white string
Glisten cold and hard in the weak sunlight.
The thin mist fails to lift
And will presently intensify,
The impotent Sun now shrouded by the thickening cumulus
Brings no warmth,
No comfort,
No hope;
The mercury falls further still,
The ground cracked and moistureless
Hardens through
As once again the freeze sets in.

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