When Women Fight Back

  By VennerRoad, 28th Oct 2017

Dozens of women have now accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment or worse. Many claim they were unable to resist him. They should have tried harder.

Chima Benson - a real woman

In February 1999, student Chima Benson woke up in the small hours to find a man standing over her. He put a gun to her head and demanded she suck his penis. She did so, and bit him. Hard. He beat her to within an inch of her life, then raped her.

Thanks to her bravery, and in no small measure that bite mark, Chima would have the pleasure of seeing her attacker die by lethal injection a decade later. Dale Devon Scheanette, the so-called Bathtub Killer, had already attacked a number of other women, murdering two of them.

Kathleen Johnson was 94 years old when she was attacked in the street by a group of brave young toughs earlier this year. They were intent only on robbing her, but as people who know about these things will tell you, any attack on someone of that age is potentially fatal. Very elderly people often die from complications. Typically a fall is followed by a broken bone, an opportunistic infection, then it’s curtains. Kathleen told the local press she was never in fear of her life, but like Chima, she fought back. Such stories are the norm rather than the exception. Women are not damsels, and never have been. Even very young girls are capable of resisting assault, and of letting the world know about it, as in the case of Brittney Baxter.

While it is easy to understand why a lesser woman than Chima might not have fought back against a rapist with a gun to her head, the women who claim to have been sexually harassed or worse by Harvey Weinstein have no such excuses. Only one of them went to the police, now years and decades later, other self-styled victims have become suddenly empowered and are crawling out of the woodwork to point their fingers at him. How much credibility do they have?

Those who reported promptly his sexual harassment including minor groping are obviously a lot more credible than the suddenly empowered, even though as stated only one of them went to the police, the others deciding big financial payouts were preferable to “justice”. But what about the actress Annabella Sciorra? This late claimant says she was raped by Weinstein in 1992, and was sexually harassed by him over the following years. Unsurprisingly, she is represented by Gloria Allred, who also represented many of the Bill Cosby accusers, some of whose allegations were ridiculous and then some. Sexually harassed can mean almost anything, but rape is a very different matter. So again, if Miss Sciorra didn’t kick, bite, punch and scream like most genuine victims, why didn’t she go to the police? The stock excuses: fearing she wouldn’t be believed, yadda, yadda, yadda...don’t hold water, even though that is what we are being forever told by the sisterhood of lies.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has now grown far beyond one man, and predictably we are hearing yet again the special pleading of feminists that rape or any form of sexual assault/harassment is so traumatic for the victim that the usual rules do not apply. We must abandon common sense, reason, logic, and most of all, due process. Women must be believed uncritically, even if they claim to have been victimised months or years before making an official complaint. Their evidence must not be subjected to cross-examination or any meaningful scrutiny because this amounts to retraumatisation or even a second rape. We are also hearing that we need more women in positions of authority, regardless of merit or the lack thereof. That was the rhetoric of Emma Thompson in an interview with the BBC’s Newsnight programme during which she managed to rope the late Jimmy Savile into the discussion.

No one should be deceived either by this duplicitous rhetoric or by the constant stream of both young and not-so-young women who have suddenly found a voice. It is best to remember that many of them are actresses or were at one point aspiring actresses, and that the cost of giving them too much attention can be dangerous in more ways than one. This does not mean women should be encouraged to suffer in silence. Rape and other serious crimes, sexual or otherwise, should be reported to the police promptly, always, end of. The solicitation of sexual favours by public servants is an offence in itself. In the UK this can be construed as misconduct in public office, an indictable offence. Most other jurisdictions also take a dim view of this sort of thing.

Harvey Weinstein worked for a private company, so clearly that legislation does not apply, but all big companies have codes of conduct for employees, while those higher up the food chain are usually held to higher standards. It is simply absurd for a woman to claim she was afraid to report outrageous behaviour; she can do so, or simply walk away. But the woman has not yet been born who cannot put a man in his place over his boorish behaviour, so if the feminists who are making most of this noise about Weinstein in the media want to effect change, they should do so first and foremost by standing up for themselves instead of lying down on the casting couch, then complaining either when they don’t get the part or have passed their sell-by dates, as some of his accusers clearly have.

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