When Rape Lies Lead To Murder

  By VennerRoad, 23rd Jan 2017

If a man’s girlfriend tells him she has been raped, what should he do? Take her to the police, nothing else.

Patricia Esparza - diminutive but deadly.

If she doesn’t want to go to the police, and especially if she wants him to avenge her, he should find himself another girlfriend.

Norma Patricia Esparza looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Diminutive, soft spoken, and the proud mother of a young daughter with her somewhat older husband, she is also a professor of psychology based in Geneva and working inter alia as a consultant to the World Health Organization. She is the last person you would imagine capable of kidnapping a man, then torturing him before hacking him to death with a meat cleaver and dumping his body by the roadside, but before she became a mother, before she met her second husband, before she qualified as a highly paid academic, that is exactly what Patricia Esparza did.

In 1995, she was a student in California. Unsurprisingly, she had a boyfriend, a fellow Hispanic named Gianni Van. In late March 1995, she met Gonzalo Ramirez at a bar, and the two ended up in bed together. Afraid Vann would find out, or perhaps he did, she told him Ramirez had raped her. This resulted in Vann seeking to avenge his girlfriend’s honour; together with a number of associates, including a woman, Vann and Esparza kidnapped Ramirez, tortured him, murdered him, and dumped his body.

Unlike Esparza, Vann is not a physically attractive individual, although that didn’t stop her marrying him months after the murder. The police were on the case at once, and Esparza was interviewed not as a suspect but as a person of interest purely because her phone number turned up in the victim’s papers. She could have said simply that she had given him her number, but instead she concocted a scenario that incriminated Vann. A strange thing to do, you may think, but this lady is not only highly intelligent, she is sly as a fox.

In spite of this, the case went to sleep for over a decade, but in 2012, Esparza was arrested when she visited the United States. Incredibly, she was offered a plea - she turned down three years, and ended up being sentenced to six. As for Gianni Van, he was sentenced to life without parole. His other co-defendants did not fair much better.

To this day, Esparza continues to insist she was raped by her victim, but don’t forget, this woman has a PhD in psychology. In her interviews while free on bail she continued to insist she rather than Ramirez was the victim; she went one step further even claiming she had been sexually abused by her own father as a child. But her lies unravelled slowly, including the biggest lie of all, because after having sex with Ramirez, she did not report a rape, she did though go to see her college nurse and ask for the morning after pill. The usual feminist airheads have supported and continue to support Esparza, parroting her lies, but let us not forget who was the real victim here, and let us have no more victim blaming.

If the case of Patricia Esparza is complicated, the case of Ashley Elrod is simple, bizarre and horrific. Posing as “Samantha”, Elrod and her mark American serviceman Cooper Jackson met only in cyberspace, but soon struck up a telephone romance, at least it was a romance for him. Investigators would eventually establish that everything or almost everything she told Jackson was a lie, including that she had been gang-raped by a group of men, including a marine named Justin Huff. As a result of this, on January 2, 2006, posing as a special agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Jackson effected a phony arrest on Huff, led him away in handcuffs, drove him to North Carolina, cut his throat, set his body on fire, and buried it.

Cooper Jackson was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole for this senseless murder of a totally innocent man, while Ashley Elrod faced no criminal sanction whatsoever. It remains to be seen why she invented this lie, but like the Esparza case, this should be a salutary warning to white knights everywhere.

One more example will suffice. At Fairbanks, Alaska, in the small hours of January 7, 2015, Abraham Stine walked in on his cousin Wesley Lord having sex with Stine’s lover, Dominique Vasquez. What does a girl do when she is caught in flagrante delicto and at a loss for words? Only one word is needed: rape! Stine beat Lord to death, with a little help from Vasquez who appears to have been trying to shut him up. Lord actually died from asphxiation, and they were both charged with second degree murder. For once, the femme fatale received the heavier sentence, eight years with two years suspended as opposed to five years with three suspended, but seriously guys, while there are some women who are worth dying for, none are worth killing for.

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