Trump “Collusion” And Clinton Corruption

  By VennerRoad, 14th Jun 2017

The harder the President’s enemies try to impeach him, the dirtier they look.

Hilarious cartoon by Ben Garrison

The hate campaign against Donald Trump has reached fever pitch. While it is not exactly unknown for a politician to be burned in effigy, the antics of first so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin depicting his beheading Islamic State fashion, and then a theatre company stabbing him to death in a play about Julius Caesar, is perceived by many as crossing a line. What has been happening in Washington though has been far more unseemly, and even the most blatantly warped media coverage has been unable to hide it.

The allegations against Trump started with claims that the Russians interfered with the American election. There is no doubt that they and a number of other nations as well as independent hackers attempted to access and probably did succesfully access official networks, but this had no effect on the result, and certainly did not compel voters to favour Trump over Hillary Clinton; what did that was her blatant hypocrisy and increasingly obvious corruption.

The next claim was that Trump was a Russian agent, that the man who spent over half a billion dollars on his campaign was in the pay of the Kremlin or somehow in league with Vladimir Putin. A fake dossier cataloguing sexual perversion by Trump was produced, and let us not forget either the leaking of a decade old audio tape of him making lewd remarks about women which prompted a number of lying hags to publicly accuse him of sexual harassment or assault.

Then we were told that people close to Trump — including his son-in-law — were part of this grand conspiracy. Any time one of them met with a Russian, something sinister was read into it. The Trump organisation employs over 22,000 people worldwide, so it is statistically impossible for him not to have some tenuous Russian connection.

The leaks, fake stories and innuendo have been plugged remorselessly, but as always, an official investigation trumps (pun intended) the court of public opinion, and when former FBI Director James Comey was put on the spot, what did he say? Not only that there was no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians but that he, Comey, had leaked details of a confidential meeting with Trump to the press. This has led to intelligent speculation that Comey has leaked information before during his tenure at the FBI.

Seizing on a poorly worded phrase from Trump, the clowns of the Democratic Party and talking head Rachel Maddow claim Comey’s memo is proof that Trump tried to obstruct an investigation — one that Comey said did not exist. The subsequent testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has as good as buried the Russian collusion narrative, but the quite extraordinary testimony of Comey has confirmed what many people have long suspected, namely that if anyone is guilty of obstruction of justice it is Loretta Lynch, who as Attorney General told Comey to refer to the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her foundation as “a matter” rather than an investigation. Comey may be a Comeydian or even a Clown, but his attempts to portray himself as the most virtuous man in the room are not entirely without substance, even if he did knowingly misstate the law when he announced to the world that he would not be recommending the prosecution of Hillary Clinton — a decision that was not his to make.

The watchdog Judicial Watch is pushing for further disclosures via Freedom Of Information requests, and has already uncovered some highly incriminating documents, including most recently a March 2009 e-mail from Hillary Clinton in which she says that against the advice of the “security hawks” she was still using her Blackberry.

YouTube vlogger HA Goodman has predicted that Clinton will shortly be indicted; there is now compelling evidence that in order to enrich her foundation, she jeopardised the security of the United States. Others likely to face criminal proceedings are her husband, Loretta Lynch — the woman who never answers a question directly, and the smug Susan Rice, who after dropping heavy innuendo about Trump’s alleged corruption to the media refused to testify to Congress. If Judicial Watch have their way, she may have to, and Trump will continue to drain the swamp until even the mainstream media can cover up no more. And that may be sooner than anyone thinks: Geraldo Rivera — no fan of Trump — has already broken rank, and Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein has called for an investigation into the action, or rather the inaction, of Mrs Lynch.

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