The Truth About The Elm Guest House List

The Truth About The Elm Guest House List

  By VennerRoad, 1st Nov 2015

The truth about the notorious Elm Guest House list, a worthless document.

The Elm Guest House List.

Documents are amazing things, people will read them and take their content at face value when exactly the same words coming out of someone’s mouth would be ignored or even laughed at. One of the most notorious fake documents of recent years is the Elm Guest House list, which is likely in time to rival the Zinoviev Letter, the Sisson Documents, the Monita Secreta, or even the Protocols Of Zion. The Elm Guest House list purports to be a list of famous/powerful paedophiles who patronised this establishment where they are said to have engaged in unspeakable activities with young boys.

Elm Guest House was based in South West London and was run by Carole Kasir with her husband Haroon. Although it was a real guest house, it advertised in at least one homosexual publication, and it appears that many of its clientele were homosexuals. It should be borne in mind that although homosexual acts between consenting adults were legalised in 1967, there was still at this time something of a taboo around homosexuality, especially for government employees and people higher up the food chain.

In 1982, the police raided the premises, and this resulted in the Kasirs standing trial at the Central Criminal Court, but in spite of the scurrilous rumours and innuendo that surrounded the case that have mushroomed in the three decades since, in May the following year they were convicted only of keeping a disorderly house and possessing obscene videos. They were fined and received suspended sentences. One of the charges against them was the neglect of a child; Carole Kasir had a daughter by a previous relationship; she and Haroon also had a son, who was made a ward of court, it was him they were alleged to have neglected. If there had been any sexual abuse here at all, the police would have found it, and thirty years on they would probably have found it even if there hadn’t been!

Carole Kasir died in 1990 at the young age of 47; she was diabetic, and her death was ruled suicide, apparently because she neglected to take her insulin injections. There was of course speculation that she had been murdered, but there always is in cases of this nature. Which brings us to the Elm Guest House list. This is one of a number of documents relating to this premises, it is a list of names of some of the more famous people who are alleged to have patronised it. The list (pictured) was drawn up by Chris Fay, who claims it was dictated or otherwise given him by Carole Kasir. It does not appear to have been put on-line until 2012, so the person who allegedly gave it to Fay being long dead, we have only his word for its veracity.

In 2011, former social worker Fay was convicted of fraud; that fact does not of course discredit everything he says, but it does not enhance his credibility. Leaving that aside, let us take a look at the list. At the very top is Leon Brittan, then the MP Cyril Smith, but most relevant are names four and five, the former MP Harvey Proctor and Colin Jordan who is listed here as the leader of the NF, ie the National Front.

Proctor is a homosexual who was outed in spectacular fashion by a tabloid newspaper. There is absolutely no evidence that Brittan was homosexual, much less a homosexual paedophile, but most interesting is the name Colin Jordan. From 1956 - the death of his mentor Arnold Leese - until his own death in 2009, John Colin Campbell Jordan was Britain’s leading National Socialist theorist. Like all good Nazis he abhored homosexuality, and the suggestion that he would have patronised an establishment run by an Asian and his white wife where he would have engaged in acts of sexual depravity with a Jew is beyond belief.

When he was younger, Jordan spent a fair amount of time in the capital, but by the time the Kasirs went into business he had long since removed himself to North Yorkshire from where he railed at Jews and the depraved modern world in his occasional newsletter Gothic Ripples. He was never even a member of the National Front, much less its leader!

The name Cliff Richard appears to have been added to this list out of sheer malice. Because he has never married, Richard has long been the subject of all manner of innuendo about his sexuality, but there was never any suggestion in his younger days that he was homosexual, far from it, and between 1979 and 1982 he did a fair amount of touring. It is also unlikely he would have been able to go anywhere near Elm Guest House without being both recognised and photographed.

Another thing that should be noted about the names on this list is that they all belong to people who could be described in some sense as right wing, even Cliff Richard because of his Christian affiliations. This tends to suggest that it was put together either as a joke or as a smear on that type of person. In the UK, social workers are notoriously left wing, and as the man who drew it up was a social worker by profession, we might reasonably conclude that it is entirely a product of Chris Fay’s sick mind.

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