The Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax Collapses

  By VennerRoad, 25th Oct 2017

The people who started a campaign to impeach Donald Trump have ended up impeaching themselves.

Christopher Steele

The mainstream media and much of social media has been abuzz for well over a year with the mantra “Trump Russia”. Story after story about how the President was working with or for Vladimir Putin, or was being blackmailed by Russian Intelligence has been parrotted incessantly. MSNBC talking head Rachel Maddow has totally lost the plot, her latest swipe at Trump, linking his travel ban with the tragic deaths of four American soldiers in Niger, was condemned not only by Fox News but by elements of the left, and her grand conspiracy theory about Trump/Russia has grown so elaborate that it would take a PhD is Mathematics to follow it.

In murkier waters, we saw the publication of a dossier which alleged inter alia that when the future President was in Moscow he hired prostitutes to perform “golden showers”. According to Dick Morris, this dossier was hawked around the mainstream media for months, but none of them would touch it, so it was shown to Barack Obama, and used as the pretext for tapping Trump’s phone and Internet traffic. And the man behind this...James Comey.

Hillary Clinton has blamed Russian collusion (and about fifty other things) for losing to Trump, and she has been big on promoting this myth. Now, the tables have been turned on her in dramatic fashion. In his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey openly boasted about leaking confidential information to the press in order to instigate a special counsel investigation of Trump. He got his wish, and former FBI Director Robert Mueller stepped forward in what Trump supporters saw as a sinister effort to remove the President by examining everyone in his ambit through a microscope. It looked for awhile that this was what Mueller was doing, but now it is the Clinton camp who are under investigation for Russian collusion as the Uranium One deal has been tied to donations to the Clinton Foundation. It has also been revealed that the Clinton campaign helped fund the research - research indeed - of the Trump dossier.

The person who produced the dossier, former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, has been very shy about answering questions, as have others who have been exposed as attempting to undermine Trump. Unlike Steele, many of these people won’t be able to dodge the bullets, because they are US Government employees or former employees.

The latest revelations have been widely reported fairly objectively by the mainstream media, so we appear to have reached a watershed. Those interested in taking a deeper look should follower the vlogs of Dick Morris and HA Goodman - the latter of whom has now published a series of cheap ebooks that can be found on Amazon. The lobbying group Judicial Watch has been pressuring the Government with FOI requests, and its website has a trove of documents that reveal the full extent of the Clinton’s pay to play scheme and the attempts of the deep state to oust the President.

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