The Trump Conspiracy

  By VennerRoad, 29th May 2017

Is Donald Trump the instigator of a massive conspiracy, or the victim of one?

Murder victim Seth Rich

The ongoing vilification of Donald Trump by the left wing media, most of the mainstream media, and much of social media, is a wonder to behold. To date, the President of the United States has been accused of being a Russian agent – literally, of colluding with the Russians, of attempting to obstruct justice, of revealing sensitive information to both friendly and hostile nations, and in effect of treason.

These charges are repeated over and over again, one publication or website quoting another, and anonymous leaks – of doubtful information – by people who may not even exist. When Trump allegedly shared confidential information with the Russians at the White House, the media went ballistic, but sharing information about security matters – in this case the safety of aircraft – is routine.

Where does this Russian conspiracy rubbish come from? During and/or before the election, the computers of the Democratic National Committee were allegedly hacked, certainly the personal gmail account of top Democrat John Podesta was, and much embarrassing information was leaked to the public. The response was predictable; Donna Brazile claimed the e-mails relating to her were either forged or had been tampered with. Then, shortly, she parted company with CNN after it was confirmed that she had indeed leaked information to Hillary Clinton concerning a televised debate.

During the election, Mrs Clinton claimed the Russians had interfered with the process, and recently she blamed her loss to Trump partly on this interference. Frankly, this is absurd, does Vladimir Putin exert such mesmeric powers over the American electorate that he persuaded millions of people to vote for Trump or not to vote for her? Or did the content of these leaked e-mails expose her for the Janus-faced operator she is?

Worse was yet to come though, because now it looks as though the e-mails were not hacked by the Russians but handed over to WikiLeaks by Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was murdered in Washington on July 10 last year. His death was said to be a botched robbery, and this is still the official line, but it is not tin foil hat crazy to suggest there might have been another motive. The murder of Mr Rich is one of no fewer than three deaths that might be deemed suspicious, the latest being of Beranton Whisenant, a prosecutor whose body was found washed up on a beach at Hollywood, Florida on May 25. West Coast vlogger H.A. Goodman has written a large number of articles about the treachery of the DNC; his recent contribution to the Huffington Post on the claim by Kim Dotcom that he communicated with Seth Rich as early as 2014 was pulled in short order; here is an archived version.

While those who question these deaths are derided as conspiracy theorists, the same people find all manner of tenuous connections between Trump, people he knows, and the Russian Government. The privately owned Trump Organization employs over twenty-two thousand people in the Americas, the UK, India and elsewhere. It has no holdings at all in either Africa or Australasia, but it is clearly an international company. As its business includes hospitality – such as luxury hotels - it beggars belief it should have no contact at all with any Russians, be they officials, business people or tourists. How exactly is Trump supposed to have “colluded” with the Kremlin, and what exactly did this collusion entail?

The whole Trump/Russia narrative is absurd, for cogent reasons. One is that the NSA and the UK’s GCHQ monitor made to or from the United States, and much more besides. If there had been a hint of any such collusion, it would have been picked up at the time. This innuendo has now been going on for a year, and all we have are claims from anonymous sources compounded by conspiracy mongering. Furthermore, thanks to Judicial Watch, we know that members of the Trump campaign were spied on illegally by the Obama Administration due to the chicanery of Susan Rice. It remains to be seen how much Obama had to do with this, but the same cannot be said for Hillary Clinton.

Furthermore, it is Clinton rather than Trump who has dubious financial ties with Russia; in June 2010, while she was Secretary of State, her husband gave a one hour speech to Renaissance Capital in Moscow for a cool half a million dollars. Nice work if you can get it. And that’s before we mention the Clinton Foundation.

So where are the Democrats and the mainstream media going with this? Their chances of having the President impeached for any sort of nebulous crime are somewhere between zero and minus one. Their real goal is to so tie up Trump with legal nonsense that he is unable to fulfill his pledge to the American people to drain the swamp. Ugly and at times toxic creatures live in swamps; Trump is currently seeing their full ugliness and feeling their toxicity.

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