The Ten Biggest Lies About Islam In The West

  By VennerRoad, 28th Apr 2017

The implosion of Syria has had profound effects on the West as much as the Middle East, none more so than the promotion of the phony narrative of the clash of civilisations.

The so-called Moslem Mayor of London.

That is for those who concede there is such a thing as Islamic civilisation. Much of the following has been covered in previous articles, but sadly it needs to be repeated because the lies persist and will continue to. Here then are the ten biggest lies about this false narrative.

(1) The founder of Islam was a paedophile

Yeah, we’ve all heard this, but what is the truth?

Muhammad met Aisha (Ayshah) when she was six and married her when she was nine. That sounds truly shocking, but what do we mean by marriage? First though, let us have a little context. Historically there was no age of consent, but a statute of 1275 set the age of consent in England at 12, which sounds almost as shocking today. As late as 1885, it was 13, and was raised to 16 only after the campaigning journalist W.T. Stead started what has been called a moral panic.

However, as in the West, marriage among the ancient tribes of the Arabian peninsula did not mean sex. The American convert Yusuf Estes has explained the context of the marriage of Muhammad to Aisha, namely that marriages of this nature were made to protect the inheritance of the girl concerned. Many countries then and some to this day operate a dowry system. In this context it should be noted that marriages were and sometimes still are forged for political and similar reasons. The English King, Henry VII married off his eldest son Arthur to Catherine of Aragon at the age of 14; the two were formally betrothed at the age of 11, but the marriage had been planned since Arthur was around three years old! The ceremony took place in November 1501. When Arthur died in April the following year, the marriage had not been consumated. Seven years later, his widow married his brother, Henry VIII.

(2) Islam is an alien import

There have been small numbers of Moslems in England for hundreds of years and diminutive communities since the early Nineteenth Century. The Mormon religion was founded in the 1820s, and the Jehovah’s witness cult in the 1870s, so Islam has been in the UK since before these two well recognised religions were founded. Jehovah’s Witnesses can be annoying, but no one ever calls them alien imports. Moreover, the first UK mosques were established by white converts, the first faithful translation of the Holy Qur’an was published by a white convert, and more recently a version in “plain English” was published by another white convert.

(3) Islam is incompatible with Western liberal values

Up until the 1960s, homosexuality was illegal in the West. According to self-styled feminist Camille Paglia, before the sexual revolution, the only women who had pre-marital sex were tramps. There was and indeed remains a strong temperance movement in the West. These Western values are clearly aligned with Islamic ones, yet in less than two generations, the West has thrown two thousand years of Judeo-Christian morality out of the window. It would therefore be more accurate to say that Islam is out of touch with Twenty-First Century values as espoused by the Western media, but all great truths are eternal. The medical profession still warns against the dangers of perverted sex, of promiscuity, and excessive consumption of alcohol. Who would you rather trust, a tabloid journalist or your doctor?

(4) Islam promotes anti-Semitism

It has often been said, with some justification, that (genuine) anti-Semites use Zionists as a code word for Jews. By the same token, Moslems often says Jews when really they mean Zionists, but mainstream Moslems have no argument with the People of the Book. The establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 caused enormous upheaval and suffering in the Middle East, and had ramifications far beyond. Anyone who points out the incovenient truth about Zionist influence in Western establishments and media will be smeared as an anti-Semite or fellow traveller, including on occasion Jews, as the late Gerald Kaufman found out.

(5) Islam silences free speech

What free speech might that be? In the UK, France, Germany, and many other Western nations – including Australia – free speech has been drastically curtailed due to the pernicious influence of certain political lobbies. In December 2006, a conference was held in Tehran that would have been illegal in democratic Germany. Although it has constitutional safeguards, free speech is often curtailed in the United States by political lobbies and student groups who accuse their opponents of hate speech. In the UK, we have seen people prosecuted for publishing cartoons, comics, and for using racial epithets, including in the notorious John Terry case, one that no one appears to have heard.

By contrast, the only time Moslems get angry is when people guy The Prophet or deface the Holy Qur’an. Which of these restrictions would a half-drunk football fan consider to be the most reasonable?

(6) Sharia Law is undemocratic and a menace to freedom

What freedom might that be? Throughout the West our communications are monitored, something that has been going on since before anyone had heard of the Internet. Try sending even a couple of hundreds of dollars through a wire service and see how much information you have to put on the form. In the UK, the police can arrest virtually anyone without warrant, fingerprint and photograph that individual, and take DNA samples. In the US, innocent people are regularly shot dead by the police, not only black ones, and not only men. A lot more could be written in this vein.

(7-9) Islam represses women; Islam promotes gender apartheid; Islam promotes rape culture.

Although these three lies can be grouped under the general rubric of misogyny, they deserve separate treatment. As usual, one must consider the historical context before making judgments. Although the streets of Western cities and even our homes can be dangerous places, this is as nothing to the ancient world. A society’s most precious assets are women of child-bearing age and the young, for reasons that need no explaining here. Consequently, practices and customs were developed to protect them especially; these vary from culture to culture, but in general, most cultures chose to keep the women at home, even in the home, while men ran the show. There were many exceptions to this, including the Prophet’s first wife, but the fact that there are exceptional women or exceptional circumstances does not detract from the wisdom of such practices.

In the modern world, there is no great need for many traditional gender roles, so there is no reason more women should not participate in government, or have careers. And they do, including in the Islamic world, indeed in academia women fare better under Islam where they tend to study meaningful subjects like engineering instead of lesbian dance theory as in the US and Canada. The big difference is that Islam recognises motherhood as the crowning achievement of women rather than an irksome burden.

It may be argued that Islam takes the separation of the sexes to extremes, but this protects both sexes. The recent Daniel Holtzclaw case shows what can happen when men of a predatory nature find themselves in positions of power over women with no oversight. At the other end of the scale, there are undoubtedly many innocent men in prison across the Western world who have had their lives and sometimes their legacies destroyed after being convicted of imaginary crimes. To take just one example of a man who was lucky not to join them, in December 2014, schoolteacher Kato Harris was accused of raping a 13 year old girl repeatedly. He was cleared by a jury in less than half an hour when the defence was able to show the school had instigated codes of practice that meant pupils were never left alone with teachers at any time.

As to Islam promoting rape culture, this does not exist, either in the Islamic world or in the West. Having said that, in recent years some people have made political capital out of gangs of sexual predators who “groomed” and in some cases violently raped underage girls in the North of England, including in the Rotherham area. While no one should attempt to mininise the extent of these outrages, those like the idiot Tommy Robinson and self-styled dangerous faggot Milo Yiannopoulos who blame these crimes on Islam are being wilfully disingenuous. Former Home Secretary Jack Straw identified the real problem in January 2011 when after the convictions of Mohammed Liaqat and Abid Saddique he said there were some men of Pakistani heritage who regarded young white girls as “easy meat”. Typically, Straw was branded “racist” for daring to tell this unpleasant truth, but look what has happened since.

While many of those subsequently convicted of sexual offences against underage girls have come from nominal Islamic backgrounds, most of them are more likely to visit Mecca bookmakers than Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The real question we should be asking is not why did they target white girls but why didn’t they target Moslem girls? The answer is that if they had, they would have found themselves on the wrong end of summary justice, which is what would have happened in the 1960s and certainly the 1950s if such men had been on the prowl for underage victims then. In the Rotherham and related cases, the authorities and even the police looked the other way because they were terrified of being branded racist. This is the result of political correctness, not Islam. The reality is that under Sharia, rape – real rape, not regret sex – is capital. In recent years, convicted rapists have been executed in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

(10) The enemy within

Finally, the Great Islamic Conspiracy that some claim is taking over the West is total nonsense. While we face serious problems from ISIS – or whatever it is called this week – this is not Islam but a death cult. Most of the suicidal attacks carried out in its name can be blamed on mentally disturbed individuals who have been “radicalised” on-line or by rogue imams. Some even portray the current Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as part of this nefarious plot. That’s him pictured above with his lesbian night tsar Amy Lamé. What a joke.

Since the implosion of Syria, thanks mainly to venal and stupid politicians, we have seen literally millions of people from the Middle East and elsewhere invading Europe. While it is natural for people to flee from persecution, not a few of these recent migrants believe they have a God-given right to come here and that the West, in particular Britain, owes them something. This is not a religious issue, nor is it really a racial one. No country can absorb immigrants on this scale without major social disorder and unrest, as Chief Sitting Bull discovered to his cost.

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