By VennerRoad, 19th Jan 2015

The anti-censorship pressure group NCROPA has been absorbed by the Committee Against Censorship.

NCROPA headed notepaper

The anti-censorship pressure group NCROPA was founded by the actor David Webb in April 1976. On his death in June 2012, it ceased effectively to exist, although it had already been moribund for some time, and his executor E.A.C. Goodman took over as Acting Director. The NCROPA papers - dozens of mainly lever arch files - were then scanned selectively for an on-line archive, and eventually the whole lot was delivered to the Modern Records Centre at Warwick University.

Now, NCROPA has ceased to exist; in his capacity as both Acting Director of NCROPA and the Chairman of the Campaign Against Censorship, Goodman proposed that NCROPA be incorporated into the CAC. That motion was agreed at a meeting of the CAC National Council on November 28 last year, and as of January 1, 2015 it became official. Those NCROPA members remaining have automatically become members of the CAC. It was to be hoped that with the rise of the Internet, neither NCROPA nor the CAC would be needed any longer, alas, with the ongoing hysteria over child porn, the Snowden revelations, and of course the latest hysteria following the outrages in France, pressure groups and lobbies like the CAC are needed more than ever.

That’s the bad news, the relatively good news is that the Modern Records Centre has already integrated the NCROPA papers into its collections, and these are currently being used by at least one student for her dissertation.

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