‘Swallow’ — Album Review

  By VennerRoad, 16th Feb 2017

Want something new in music yet tried and tested? Check out the new album from these old-timers.

Burnt Out Wreck

Burnt Out Wreck is a strange name for even a rock band, but it could just be because the guy who put it together is, well, not exactly in his first flush of youth. Gary Moat was the drummer with Heavy Pettin’, one of the lesser known outfits to emerge from the explosion of musical talent known as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The band lasted only from 1981-8, and they hailed from Glasgow - so does Al Stewart, so let’s not hold that against them.

Seriously, last summer Moat put together Burnt Out Wreck, having traded in his drum kit for rhythm guitar; he also supplies the lead vocals. You can sample the title track on YouTube. Veteran rock fans may detect a certain similarity with AC/DC, to put it mildly. In fact if this guy isn’t the reincarnation of Bon Scott, apples don’t grow on trees. Actually, this is hardly surprising because Bon Scott was born in Scotland.

Swallow, which Moat co-produced, was released February 10, and has a certain charm, the title track certainly does. But:

She’s The One is an uptempo number, nothing like the UFO track of the same name, and nothing like as good.

The fourth track Pullin’ It Out is about exactly what it sounds like; they should leave this sort of thing to David Coverdale. Track six has the charming title Medusa. We’ve all met women who look like that, but most of us would not want to sing about them. Track eight, She’s A Dirty Love, is a better effort, even though the theme has been done to death, and no one wants to take a girl like that home to meet mother.

The final track, Best Of Your Life, has a sound anything like AC/DC, and is more in keeping with 1980s melodic rock.

A few words about antecedents. Like Moat, the rest of the crew have been round the block a bit. Guitarist Adrian Dunn was previously in Mother’s Ruin along with him, and several of the tracks here are from a set list that dates to at least 2012, in particular: Medusa, She’s A Dirty Love, She’s The One, Pulling It Out and Best Of Your Life.

Guitarist Miles Goodman is some twelve years younger than Moat and has previously played with Still Remains and Soldier, two fairly obscure bands. Alex Carmichael has been in bands such as Crossfire and La Paz. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re not the only one.

Overall this is not a bad effort, but whatever direction the band choose, they need to come up with a lot more new material.

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