Susanne Cameron-Blackie (1948-2017)

    By VennerRoad, 5th Aug 2018

The blogger who exposed the lies about Jimmy Savile died a year ago this month.

Susanne Cameron-Blackie as a young woman

Susanne Cameron-Blackie, officially Susanne June Nundy, was born June 1, 1948. To say she had a difficult early life is to make a classic understatement. She detailed some of these experiences in her Anna Raccoon blog.

She was sent to boarding school at the age of three, a time when most girls of her age are bonding with their mothers if not with both parents. This school was a rather unusual one run by an order of nuns. She was apparently packed off there by her father as a matter of convenience.

At the age of only eight, she developed a facial tumour, which although treated successfully needed extensive plastic surgery, a lengthy process. It was clearly successful because as a young woman she was obviously a looker, as can be seen from the above photograph. There were though many more hurdles to face than a disfigured cheek followed by plastic surgery. Teen years can be difficult for both boys and girls, as the recent shocking suicide of Ellie Soutter demonstrates. Susanne’s were especially difficult, and were also tinged with suicidal intent. Aged just twelve, she took a massive overdose of aspirin, which fortunately did not lead to her death but to the Long Grove Mental Hospital. (Recalling this decades later, she gave the age of her suicide attempt as both 12 and 13. Allowing for the fallibility of human memory, she was certainly no older than 13 because she recalled it was a few months before the Suicide Act, 1961).

From a loony bin with no children’s ward to a wide world with nothing, she went on the lam, living first in London’s Battersea then hitchhiked to Scotland, something incredibly dangerous for a girl of such tender years. At one point she accepted an invitation from a driver to return home with him, and spent some time with the man and his sister before the authorities caught up with her and she was escorted back to London by two uniformed policewomen, but not handcuffed apparently because she managed to give them the slip, although it wasn’t long before she found herself back in custody and packed off to Cumberlow Lodge, a remand home for teenage girls who were awaiting court proceedings. Cumberlow Lodge was demolished in 2006, but it doesn’t seem to have been a suitable place for a young girl whose only “crimes” had been to attempt suicide and escape from police custody.

As Susanne wrote, she was only fourteen, and no one knew quite what to do with her. She ended up at Duncroft School. Opened only in 1948, Duncroft was home to a couple of dozen “difficult” girls. It was closed in 1982. When the Savile scandal broke a few months after his death in late October 2011, Susanne was amazed to hear reports of girls being sexually abused by him there in the 1960s, and it was this that doubtless led her to her career as a blogger. A long time before that though she still had to face many problems. Still a teenager she became an unmarried mother, then in 1973 she suffered something truly shocking. Having picked up a female condition known as dilation and curettage, she was admitted to the Westminster Hospital where fourteen years later the tragic Jessie Gilbert was born.

Known in the medical profession by its acronym, dilation and curettage is usually dealt with by a minor invasive procedure, but somehow Susanne was given a hysterectomy, a shocking operation for a young woman to undergo without forewarning.

With all these troubles compounded by the suicide of her father, somehow she managed to scrape through, and in later life earned a double first in law. She had in the meantime worked for the Lord Chancellor’s Department as an investigator for the Court of Protection, something that opened her eyes to many financial abuses. It was this that led to her campaigning against Jeremy Corbyn from her hospital bed. She had been diagnosed with cancer some years before, and although hers was not a slow, lingering death, she found herself very physically restricted. Although she received quite a bit of publicity for this stunt, the 2017 local election results from an impressiive 73.3% turnout were:

Jeremy Corbyn 40,086 way ahead of his nearest rival, the Conservative candidate who polled 6,871 votes. UKIP picked up only 413, the Monster Raving Loony Party 106, and the Independent Susanne Cameron-Blackie, 41!

Susanne’s real epitaph though is her blog, in particular the work she did exposing the lies about Jimmy Savile. This has been preserved and will be a source for future projects that expose the current madness of crowds we are experiencing. Because she exposed the truth about the Duncroft gang - the women who created the Jimmy Savile myth - she received masses of abuse from proponents of that myth, most of them men. Some of the things written about her border on the absurd. Some background to the Savile myth can be found here. The best place to start is with the linked local authority and hospital reports that draw blank after blank after blank.

Susanne realised hers was a thankless task, but that did not deter her one whit until her death on August 19 last year.

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