Stop The New Cold War!

  VennerRoad, 3rd Nov 2017

The Trump/Russia collusion narrative is dead, but the Democrats are still making out Vladimir Putin to be the bad guy.

The rats desert the bad ship Hillary.

What a week of revelations! First, it is admitted under pressure that the so-called Trump/Russian dossier discussed here recently was paid for by the Democratic National Committee. This tissue of lies mixed up with a few innocuous truths was touted around the US media and used eventually as the basis for obtaining warrants to spy on Donald Trump and everyone around him. With the truth about the origin of the dossier outed, suddenly it becomes “opposition research”. The next revelation came with what has been called Donna Brazile throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus.

Prior to the release of her new book, Brazile claims that Clinton “bought” the nomination, cheating Bernie Sanders, something Trump has long claimed. She has also trashed Barack Obama, who for all his faults was never as corrupt as Clinton. The result has been - shock. Clinton still has a few supporters left, including at least one at the Huffington Post, but the writing is now surely on the wall.

Clearly Brazile’s forthcoming book is to be trusted only as far as it incriminates Mrs Clinton; there is no Saint Donna of Washington, and she was obviously in the loop. Don’t forget, this was the woman who was caught passing pre-screeened questions to Clinton for a TV programme. Rather than being the last virtuous woman, Brazile is one of the first powerful...well, see the cartoon above to find out what are deserting the ship.

Vlogger HA Goodman has now published no fewer than four e-books (available on Amazon) itemising in great detail the crimes of Hillary Clinton. The lobbying group Judicial Watch has unearthed countless incrimination documents, there is a plethora of ongoing investigations, and we haven’t even mentioned Clinton Cash. What is Hillary Clinton’s response? Russia, Russia, Russia.

We have now had eighteen months of this Russian collusion nonsense. The fake Trump dossier is, we are told, another diversionary tactic of those wicked Russians under the evil Vladimir Putin, yet we have no credible evidence that any of the fake information within came from Russian sources. Certainly it is possible that Christopher Steele used some Russian individuals, but these could easily have been people who were paid to say such things or who were simply passing on gossip.

It must be stressed yet again that Russia is not our enemy; the Cold War is over, the West won, and now we must move on. Yes, there are Russian actions of which rational people in the West may disapprove, but is the situation in Ukraine so different from Britain and Ireland, a senseless conflict that dragged on for literally hundreds of years to no avail now that the Irish capital looks more like Abuja than Dublin?

There are many besides Hillary Clinton who would like to see Russia painted as the eternal menace, if only to distract from their own perfidy. Yet there is no evidence whatsoever that Vladimir Putin has shown any ill will towards the West, and like Donald Trump he realises the biggest threat the world is now facing is a new type of terror. The disgraceful Clinton-inspired hate Russia campaign has already caused Trump to hold back from forging an alliance with Russia which is our best hope for avoiding future large scale conflict. Once this evil woman is removed from the political arena, hopefully to a Federal prison where she belongs, there may yet be hope for this alliance to be made, and for an end to the insane no-win wars that have plagued mankind since the sinking of the Lusitania reversed the Monroe Doctrine of American non-intervention.

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