Miss Marple v Scotland Yard

  By VennerRoad, 26th Nov 2016

Why is Rolf Harris in prison? The two women who set up this website would like to know, and by the time you have worked your way through it, so will you.

One portrayal of Miss Marple

If you have not heard of Miss Marple, she is the geriatric sleuth created by the world’s most famous detective fiction writer. Agatha Christie introduced her in 1927, and she is still very much alive today. Of course, in real life, white-haired old ladies don’t really outsmart the police. Or do they?

At the time, that was probably true, but since the 1990s in particular, Scotland Yard has been involved in one ludicrous wild goose chase after another, as Colin Stagg, the man falsely accused of the murder of Rachel Nickell will attest. The latest nonsense from the Metropolitan Police and the UK police in general is to “believe the victim”. So when a woman walked into a police station and claimed to have been raped by Leon Brittan before most of the people on this planet were born, instead of telling her to sling her hook, they mounted an investigation. So-called. And when two unidentified men came forward claiming boys had been raped, tortured and murdered by VIPs thirty years previously, they raided a reclusive former MP and Britain’s most senior soldier. When after a two year so-called investigation they could find no evidence, no charges were filed. Sadly, when they found no evidence against Rolf Harris, they charged him anyway, and a jury convicted him.

True, Harris did have a dalliance of sorts with a much younger woman, one who claimed he’d ruined her life. That’s when she wasn’t travelling the world with the entertainer’s daughter at his expense. Then there was the claim that he downloaded child porn, a baseless charge as they well knew, and one that was dropped after it had served its purpose of poisoning the minds of both the public and the jury.

The other alleged victims of Rolf Harris have been exposed as shameless liars or fantasists, or both. The domain RolfHarrisIsInnocentDotCom was registered May 14 last year, and it is clear that the two Miss Marples behind it did a lot of research before it was launched. The allegations relating to the Leigh Park Community Centre have been totally debunked. As at the time Harris was riding high in the charts, there would have been a paper trail had he really performed there.

The allegation that he indecently assaulted a teenager in a South London public house has also been seriously undermined by their researches, and who would have thought a little matter like a table cloth could expose this lie?

The CPS cannot be unaware of this, but instead of doing the decent thing and admitting they have been hoodwinked - as in the case of Roy Burnett - they have added insult to injury by inviting yet another gaggle of demented women to spew allegations over Harris, presumably with the intention of keeping him in prison until he dies. How sick is that?

As if this were not bad enough, we are now seeing male accusers jumping on the historical sexual abuse bandwagon in large numbers. Now that a paedophile former boys’ football coach is back in the news, a string of men have come forward making more allegations against him - an easy target - other coaches have been accused, and least four police forces have joined in the hunt for a massive, nationwide paedophile ring. There must be a joke there about two little boys, but at the end of the day the last laugh will be on the police. The demented harridans of Women Against Rape have long accused them of protecting or even colluding with rapists. When they fail to find this massive paedophile ring, the conspiratards will turn on them and accuse them of a massive cover up. Which is one of the many reasons we need a statute of limitations for all crimes except murder. At present, the chances of that legal reform are somewhere between zero and minus one, which is good news for the sexual grievance industry, but bad news for anyone who works with children, vulnerable adults or women, as well as anyone who is even slightly famous, much less a once renowned unique entertainer.

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