“Love Is Calling” — Album Review

  By VennerRoad, 8th May 2017

If you haven’t heard of Aerial School, you are not alone. If you are a fan of melodic rock, you could do worse than check them out.

Thorn St Germain of Aeriel School

The band are said to be based in/out of Hollywood, which can mean virtually anything, but it appears to be a vanity project of Thorn St Germain. Who?

According to the blurb released by their PR company, songwriter and guitarist St Germain was joined by no fewer than three vocalists, two drummers, two bass players, and a keyboard player. This suggests Aeriel School is or will be purely a studio project; there is a suggestion of festival appearances and a tour later this year, but nothing concrete. Of the personnel, bass player Chris Roy has been around a bit; Charlie Diaz also on bass is a time-serving musician; Makotoa Izumitani is a session drummer who has performed with Gwen Stefani and Rickie Lee Jones.

The band’s debut release is said to be an EP. If you were around in the 60s and 70s, that would have meant something; in the age of digital music, let’s just say that in this case it consists of a seven song download.

One music website – that will remain nameless – has criticised St Germain’s approach:

“a band you’ve never heard of, starring nobody you’ve ever seen before – except Dusty Bo, has released a new CD you can’t hear without signing up for Apple Music. Is this awesome? No. It just shows how plain stupid the entire music industry has become. No video, no lead press, no streaming samples of the CD – just a buy now link. Thanks, but for the moment, we’ll pass.”

Point taken. What the reviewer doesn’t mention is that Love Is Calling was released on April Fool’s Day. If you haven’t heard of Dusty Bo either, the vocalist belongs to West Coast band Future Villains.

So much for the Aerial School project, or lack thereof, now what about the music? Melodic rock is always best live, check out the superb 1983 Wishbone Ash concert at the Marquee for a stellar example. Okay, St Germain is no Laurie Wisefield, but he can play, and more importantly he can write.

Largely uptempo, the album/EP kicks off with Darker Shade Of Gray, which they/he describe as a rock anthem. Well, no, it’s a fairly decent track about sex, probably the type that involves a financial transaction. Red Hot Flame is a better effort; according to the guy who wrote it, it is:

“a sweet little dancer, and I suppose I’ve known a few! Each unique in her own way!”

Known in the Biblical sense, presumably.

The title track is autobiographical, and the final one, Singing A Song, is about...singing a song?

Check out Aeriel School starting with their Twitter feed; as for any future tour, St Germain is an approachable guy, so perhaps if you ask him nicely...

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