By VennerRoad, 7th Feb 2016

A Google screengrab

Does the British Government really believe Google should pay it for the privilege of enriching the lives of its citizens?

Letter To Google From The UK Treasury

Dear Google,

Please pay us £130 million forthwith. You owe us this money for exploiting our toiling and exploited masses by giving:

Gainful employment to over 2,000 staff in your UK offices.

Every UK citizen with an Internet connection a free:

E-mail account
Internet Browser
Search engine for text, images, books, shopping, videos and news

15Gb of on-line storage
Discussion groups
Document share
Multi-lingual translator
Road map, atlas and route finder
Scanned books
YouTube account

For all the above and for enriching the lives of all our citizens so immeasurably, we demand you pay us this tax which we will use to service the national debt, paying a tiny fraction of the interest on it, a debt that was created out of thin air and contributes nothing to the welfare of our citizens, unlike the real wealth generated by companies like Google.

(The above was first published by The Latest News, January 23, 2016).

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