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  By VennerRoad, 26th Sep 2015

Some sound advice for those men who think life has played a dirty trick on them. It has. Live with it.

Angry Harry

The third wave of feminism is such an openly toxic movement that not only men but many women have begun to rebel against it. The main opposition to feminism today is the men’s rights movement. Although some MRAs have done some sterling work debunking the garbage of patriarchy theory, rape culture, ad nauseum, the movement has in one sense gone too far by constructing its own victim narrative which at times includes absurd whines about women pressurising men into sex or even of women raping men.

In recent years however there has been another movement taking on feminist garbage; in addition to MRAs and traditionalists we now see Men Going Their Own Way. Rather than construct a counter (and equally fallacious) victim narrative, MGTOW take a more cynical view about men as well as women. One YouTuber - who shall remain nameless - has some sterling advice for the nice guys who are forever complaining about being rejected by the most physically desirable women in favour of thugs and douchebags:

You are not nice guys at all, just as women are attracted to success (money), good looks and confidence, you too are setting your standards too high. He advises these men to lower their standards and start dating fat girls.

It is not necessary to buy into his claim that women are basically gold-digging whores and that nice guys would be thugs and douchebags if they could, anymore than it is to buy into feminist claims about male entitlement. One has only to look back into real history (not the history of gender studies) to realise that with the exception of a tiny privileged elite, both men and women have always had it rough. True, men did fight the wars, carry out all the heavy work, and run the world, but women’s lives were far from a barrel of laughs either. In Sixteenth Century England, married women would give birth every year, and childbirth was dangerous not only for the baby but for the mother. This was the England that ruled the waves, best not to mention less advanced nations.

Yes, a woman of a certain class who was stunningly attractive could rise above her station - not that this did Anne Boleyn any good. Likewise, even men of the humblest birth could rise to fame and fortune, as for example the pioneers of ragtime and jazz from the turn of the Twentieth Century to the birth of rock ’n’ roll, but don’t let’s kid ourselves...privilege is what we have today, most of us, and it derives from two things: science/technology and investment/capital(ism).

The biggest criticism of social justice warriors - including feminists - is that this privilege (ie wealth) is not distributed fairly, as if life was fair. Their solution is to confiscate said wealth (through taxation) and redistribute it according to their formula of fairness. The reason this does not work is beyond the scope of this essay, but at the end of the day it has little to do with male-female relations. The bottom line is that a woman who wants a man solely because he has money is not much of a catch, likewise a man who wants a girl only because she is stunningly attractive is equally superficial. This doesn’t mean we should have no standards at all. It is not fair for a man who has no prospects and nothing at all to offer a woman to ask her to lower her standards when she can find a mate who will provide for her. Even in an age in which most women have careers or at least jobs, this counts for something.

A man who has nothing to offer any woman should face up to this fact and make what he can of his life without one. If he wants sex, there are women who will supply that for a fee, but it is far better if he simply goes without. There are some people who tell us we can do anything if only we put our minds to it, that we can achieve any goal with enough determination. That may be true for a tiny percentage of men and women, but it is not true for the vast majority of us. If you were born with cystic fibrosis, you ain’t never gonna be heavyweight champion of the world. We have to set realistic goals, all of us, and what is realistic for one person may be totally unattainable for another, in relationships and mere sex as in the rest of life.

This is not simply a matter of seeing the glass half full; every man and woman is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sadly, for some people, the pursuit is the only thing they will ever have. If you are one of those people, look around for some other goal to achieve, and get as far as you can.

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