Don’t Blame Putin

  By VennerRoad, 21st Nov 2017

Hillary Clinton has portrayed Vladimir Putin as the Devil Incarnate. This hysteria has now crossed the Atlantic.

Vladimir Putin in 1998

Once upon a time there was an Evil Empire known as the Soviet Union. At least that is what Ronald Reagan called it. The Soviets were our enemies, we were told. What we were not told is that the Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Wall Street, or that there was no such thing as Soviet technology. This was left to “conspiracy theorists” like Gary Allen and dissident scholars like Antony C. Sutton to tell us. Whatever, the Evil Empire collapsed under its own weight, the Berlin Wall came down, and the satellite nations sought personal freedom through free markets. Surely that was a good thing?

One would have thought so. The West having won the Cold War, it was only natural that the United States and the former super-power should cooperate to solve the world’s major problems beginning with the rise of Islamism and a new form of terror. Enter Vladir Putin. The President of the new Russia is both a strong man and a patriot, much like Donald Trump. Unlike Trump, he is a time-serving politician, and has had to deal with problems unique to Russia. One of those problems is energy, and one of the solutions to that particular problem is uranium.

The new Russia has sought successfully to acquire uranium from the United States, but not only the United States. One might have thought the 1986 Chernobyl disaster might have discouraged it from doing so, be that as it may, Russia is still investing heavily in nuclear power, and is planning to do so for at least the next ten years.

Russia acquired uranium from America by a complex process, one that involved greasing a few palms. With the contrived hysteria over the phony Trump/Russia collusion, it was only to be expected that Republicans would make a great deal over the previous administration’s selling uranium to Russia. This has been portrayed as a national security issue. It is not, many countries have larger supplies of uranium than the US, including Australia, which has also sold uranium to Russia. Again, this is not a security issue; the new terrorist threat to the world is not nuclear weapons but targeted attacks by fanatical terrorist groups and lone wolves. The real Uranium One scandal is the fact that Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to sell influence to Russia and many other countries. This is what Donald Trump called pay-to-play.

Pay-to-play was the reason Mrs Clinton used a private e-mail server during her tenure, transferring top secret e-mails from secure networks, and thus really endangering America’s national security. This is the reason she deleted tens of thousands of e-mails and destroyed equipment after her perfidy came to light thanks to the pressure group Judicial Watch. It was selling this influence that enriched the Clinton Foundation. After she lost to Donald Trump, the donations from foreign governments as good as dried up, and the Foundation laid off 22 workers from its grandly styled Global Initiative.

Along with James Comey, Donald Trump, and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all, Mrs Clinton has blamed and continues to blame the Russians, in particular Vladimir Putin, for her loss to the New York billionaire. However, the best evidence indicates that her e-mails were not hacked but leaked, and while Russian media certainly took an interest in the US elections, it is difficult to see how even a magician could have persuaded voters to vote for Mr Trump or abstain from voting for her. Mrs Clinton did that all by herself. Her “basket of deplorables” comment is just one example of how she alienated large tranches of the American public.

Though she is out of office and will never be president, even if by some miracle she is allowed to run again, Mrs Clinton is not only continuing her blame game, but is continuing to attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency, and part of this involves the demonising of Vladimir Putin. The man to whom she was more than happy to sell uranium a few years ago is suddenly a threat not only to American national security but to global security.

Incredibly, this demonisation has even extended to blaming Putin for her own dirty tricks. When Donald Trump announced he was running for the Presidency, he was treated as a joke. Many of those supposedly in the know laughed at him openly, including Barack Obama. The left wing press - which nowadays is almost the entire American press bar Fox News - played up his prospects hoping to throw a spanner in the works. After Trump had slaughtered his Republican rivals in a seventeen strong field, some began to rethink their strategy. Their dirty tricks included preparing an absurd dossier that claimed Trump had in effect been bought by the Russians years before. A section of this dossier included the claim that on a visit to Moscow, Trump had purchased the service of prostitutes to urinate on the hotel bed used by the Obamas, a claim absurd and obscene in equal measure.

The contents of this totally fabricated dossier were used to apply for a secret warrant to eavesdrop on Trump and his campaign. The person who compiled this dossier was a former MI6 agent, who had little or nothing to say about it after he was outed. He was paid a ludicrous amount of money in order to manufacture it, but by whom? Hillary Clinton, as has only recently been revealed. Clinton and her gang have defended this as “opposition research”, research indeed. Unable to distance herself from it any longer, the claim has been put out that it was Vladimir Putin/the Kremlin/those wicked Russians who were responsible for its scurrilous content. It may be that Christopher Steele did grease a few palms in Russia to obtain some gossip on Trump if only to provide a veneer of authenticity for his handiwork, but as far as anyone can tell, the contents of the dossier stop with Hillary Clinton. If she did not specifically tell Steele what to put in it, she approved its contents.

Sadly, Mrs Clinton’s dishonest claims have now spread to this side of the Atlantic with no lesser politician than Theresa May parroting anti-Russian rhetoric, including in a recent speech at the Guildhall where she had the temerity to claim Britain is a free and open society after accusing Russia of seeking to weaponise information and hacking the cyber-defences of Western nations. There are many people from Anjem Choudry to Tommy Robinson who would take issue with her view of Britain as an island of tolerance.

Britain, America, and the rest of the misnamed Free World must not fall into this trap. We need to work with Putin and with Russia to our mutual benefit, even if at times this involves difficult diplomatic decisions as with the current situations in the Ukraine and Syria.

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