Democrats Double Down With Smears On Trump And Putin

  By VennerRoad, 3rd Aug 2017

Once you’ve dug yourself into a hole, it’s a good idea to stop digging. The Democrats have yet to learn that lesson.

William Browder

The innuendo, smears, whispers, so-called leaks linking Donald Trump to the Kremlin that started a year ago have continued unabated. Unable to accept the fact that she was beaten by a better candidate, his rival Hillary Clinton came out with a plethora of excuses for losing the election, including that somehow Trump was assisted by the Russian leader.

In spite of no credible evidence to support this narrative, it isn’t only Mrs Clinton and the deranged Maxine Waters who are pushing it. Witnesses, so-called, at the recent hearings into this phantom collusion included a man named Bill Browder, who is, to put it mildly, an unusual character. To begin with he is the grandson of Earl Browder, a notorious American communist. Being so, it is not too surprising that he developed an affinity for Russia. And becoming wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice? Strangely, more than a few communists have done this. In 2009, he explained to Stanford University exactly how he became rich. Whatever Mr Browder’s political affiliations, by 2011 he had been transformed or transformed himself into an acclaimed human rights activist. The inspiration for this was losing $900 million from his fund Heritage Capital Management.

Mr Browder blames first the Russian oligarchs and then Vladmir Putin for his financial misfortunes - even though he is still incredibly wealthy. He also blames Mr Putin for the death of his lawyer and friend Sergei Magnitsky. While there is no doubt this poor man died in shocking circumstances, to blame Mr Putin personally involves the weaving of a prolix conspiracy theory, a vast Russian conspiracy comparable to the vast right wing conspiracy once so beloved of Hillary Clinton. Last month, Mr Browder explained this conspiracy theory to the American Senate.

Donald Trump Junior’s meeting with a feisty, loose cannon female Russian attorney has been transformed into a sinister meeting in which all spoke in codewords. Even though Trump Junior terminated this meeting as soon as he realised he’d been misled, somehow it is supposed to be incredibly significant. In his testimony, Mr Browder said in effect that Vladimir Putin is the Devil, no one can believe a word he says, sinister motives and only sinister motives must be imputed to him, and all Russian Government officials are the same. None are to be trusted.

Naturally, this testimony was warmly received by Democrats, less so by Republicans. Aren’t we forgetting a few things though? To begin with, the fake dossier that claimed Donald Trump did unspeakable things in a Moscow hotel room has been comprehensively discredited, not that it had any credibility in the first place.

Claims that Trump has laundered money for the Russian Mafia, that he gave state secrets to the Russian Government, and all the other fake news that has been thrown around have come to nothing, zero, zilch. On the contrary, rather than the President being a player or even the instigator of some grand conspiracy, he is clearly the victim of one: no canard, no abuse is too vile to heap on him, his family, even his young son. There is now compelling evidence that Trump and his entire campaign were spied on illegally by the previous administration, probably at the behest of Hillary Clinton rather than Barack Obama, because Mrs Clinton goes back a long way with Loretta Lynch, who rose in the ranks when she was appointed Attorney General for the East District of New York by her husband during his second term as President.

Shortly, thanks to another loose cannon, James Comey, Mrs Lynch will have to explain that peculiar meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton, either that or plead the fifth. Susan Rice is another former Obama Administration official who is likely to find herself in deep water. Like Sally Yates, she was not shy with her innuendo, but since she was ordered to testify under oath, she has had nothing to say.

All this corruption is clearly linked to the Clinton Foundation and what Donald Trump called a pay to play scheme. In reality, this is not simple graft but quite likely the biggest RICO in history since a group of conspirators met at Jekyll Island in November 1910 to lay the foundations for the misnamed Federal Reserve System.

The Democrats and other powerful vested interests may continue to throw mud at Trump, but slowly and surely the truth is emerging. Two of the major players in exposing this corruption are WikiLeaks and the American lobbying group Judicial Watch. The paper trail the latter in particular has unmasked tells a vastly different story from the one peddled by shills on CNN and in the mainstream press. The astute reader would do well to check out their archives before giving any credence whatsoever to the asinine pronouncements of Don Lemon or the meandering monologues of Rachel Maddow.

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