Charlottesville — Whose Hate?

  By VennerRoad, 16th Aug 2017

The death of a protester in Charlottesville has led to an outbreak of mass hysteria by the usual suspects.

As of this moment, the death of Heather Heyer is still front page news, and is likely to remain so as the organised left bleed it for all it is worth. A man described as a white supremacist has been charged with her murder; he is alleged to have driven his car into a group of so-called anti-fascist protesters deliberately, causing her death.

It would not be appropriate to say more about this act at this moment; if Lonnie Franklin was entitled to a fair trial, so is James Fields. On the other hand, it is certainly appropriate to point out how this woman’s death is being exploited. So far we have seen:

The Daily Stormer website being effectively shut down
“Hate groups” being purged from Facebook and Reddit.
Calls for “racists”, “white supremacists” and “hate groups” to be banned.
And much more.

The Daily Stormer is a self-styled “Nazi” website, but it is so far off the charts that it is difficult to take most of what it says seriously. As with all such comic book outfits, there is serious speculation that many of its more vocal members are agents provocateurs. Anyone who doubts this should read Liars Ought To Have Good Memories about so-called Nazi mole Ray Hill, check out the revelations of undercover police officer Mark Kennedy, or watch this short video of a trade unionist thwarting disguised police thugs at a rally in Canada.

Banning “hate” may sound simple, but consider this, according to the Washington Post, the Daily Stormer has been kicked off its host Go Daddy for “disparaging” Heather Heyer. Although they are difficult to find, the comments the website made about her can be found; they will not be repeated here because they are unflattering and almost certainly out of context or untrue, but in American law as in English law as in almost all countries, the dead cannot be libelled. Even under Sharia, with the exception of The Prophet, people who make unflattering comments about the dead are unlikely to face sanction. Furthermore, if applied across the board, YouTube would have to purge probably millions of videos that disparage not only the dead but the living. There must be thousands of videos about Donald Trump and the Clintons alone accusing them of everything from sexual harassment to serial murder.

A case can be made out that many groups that claim to oppose hate do just the opposite. To take just two examples, in February 2009, the head of the Anti-Defamation League defended Israeli atrocities in Gaza saying there will be “more exercise of Israel’s legitimate right to disproportionately protect its men, women and children...I have never, never heard the application of proportionality, I have never heard the dastardly argument ‘well only thirteen Israelis died’. What other country has been given that standard...if one gets killed, you can only kill one?”

More generically, many feminist websites portray men as sexual predators, misogynists or simply pigs, grossly exaggerating the extent of sexual harassment and rape, blaming the imaginary gender pay gap and the supposed oppression of women on some megalithic conspiracy called the patriarchy, and so on.

As for white supremacy, most of the people who use that term don’t understand what it means; perhaps they should study history, they might then realise both how and why it came about.

Astoundingly, it was left to black academic Carol Swain to explain what really happened in Charlottesville and why. The far right, the alt-right, white separatists, call them what you want, have all been tarred with the same brush and demonised to such an extent that even their legitimate grievances are interpreted as hate. Consider this:

In May, an Islamist suicide bomber murdered 23 people and injured over a hundred more in Manchester; his youngest victim was just eight years old. Only the lunatic fringe blames Moslems for this.

Of the many Islamist atrocities before, and those committed since, again only the lunatic fringe including a handful of bigots blames all Moslems. Yet one person with far right ties commits one act of terror or violence, and the entire movement, indeed the entire race, is demonised.

It is also ironic that most of these so-called anti-racist protests are organised by a group called Antifa whose goals include not only the destruction of so-called white supremacy but of the United States and the capitalist system. Their slogan includes the words “by any means necessary” - note, not by any legal means, but by any means, including murder.

Are these people opposed to hate, seriously?

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