Can All These Women Be Lying?

 By VennerRoad, 16th Nov 2017

That question was asked recently of the accusers of Donald Trump. The short answer is yes.

How Rolf Harris supporters see accuser Wendy Wild

At the time of writing, the President of the United States is being accused of all manner of high crimes and misdemeanors, but none of them holds water. Other celebrities and politicians are facing allegations of a sexual nature, some of them fairly trivial, others not so.

The catalyst for this witch-hunt which has now spread to both sides of the Atlantic was an allegation against film mogul Harvey Weinstein. This was followed by the revelation that a number of women had accused him of sexual impropriety going back years, and that he had settled many of them with cash payments. He has also been accused of rape, but the most damning allegation was that he had indecently assaulted a young model, albeit in a fairly trivial way, by touching her breast. This was so damning because this young woman went straight to the police - as do most genuine victims when they are seriously sexually assaulted, especially raped. The police then wired her up and sent her back to him, and he admitted, or appeared to admit, that he had indeed touched her breast without permission.

However, while he cajoled, threatened, even begged her to go into his hotel room, he did not attempt to physically overpower her and drag her in, as he could have done. This and other evidence appears to imply that although he is most definitely a sleezeball and not the sort of man any parent wants her, or his, daughter to be around, he is probably not a rapist. One of the women who accused him of rape is the actress Rose McGowan. Anyone who has seen her spouting obscenities in a YouTube interview will surely be disavowed of the notion that she would have taken any sort of sexual assault lying down. She would have kicked, punched, bitten, and screamed. There are some women who can be raped with impunity; like Chima Benson, Rose McGowan is surely not one of them.

The most telling fact about the current insanity is that almost all of these allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and worse are in some way historical in nature. The media narrative is largely that it takes great courage for these women to come forward, and that is only to be expected it takes them months, years, or decades to do so. There are other narratives though. One is that some of these women are suffering from false memories. These can be implanted in even well-balanced people, but an extreme case was that of Nicole Althaus, whose (induced) false memories were so far off the scale that no rational person could take them seriously.

Another narrative is that women who delay reporting sexual assaults have what are euphemistically termed mental health issues. In other words they are not to be held culpable, perhaps the wrong person has been accused, perhaps the accuser has been sexually abused in the past and has become confused. There is though a far more obvious answer, namely that the overwhelming majority of women who make belated allegations are simply lying. There was no delay because there was no rape, no sexual assault, no sexual harassment, the accuser may not even have met the person she accuses, who is rightly called the real victim.

On November 16, 2017, the Court of Appeal quashed the conviction of Rolf Harris for his sexual assault on Wendy Wild, one of two Harris accusers who waived her anonymity. She also picked up £26,000 compensation for the imaginary incident that ruined her life. While there is no doubt he met his other named accuser, Tonya Lee, the evidence unearthed by Harris investigators - including Miss Marple! - indicates strongly that nothing untoward happened there either. Like the even more unfortunate Max Clifford, the prosecution literally trawled “victims” from around the world to accuse Harris, who was in an impossible position of having to refute allegations going back years or decades, many made by women he had never actually met, and had certainly had no physical contact with.

Yet when prosecutors assemble these ludicrous cases they claim invariably that the accusers never met or knew each other, and that the mere allegations show a pattern. The reality is very different. Once a man’s name is in the public domain and is associated with allegations of a sexual nature, “victims” crawl out of the woodwork, out of the gutter, and in some cases out of the sewer, to accuse him. Let’s though first dispose of the conspiracy angle. Do women conspire to frame innocent men?

The response to that question should be ask Jian Ghomeshi, who was the victim of a conspiracy orchestrated through social media. Even worse was the case of Tyler Kost, who was falsely accused by no fewer than 13 (THIRTEEN) girls, again in a conspiracy orchestrated through social media. Kost was no angel, and had been sexually active from an early age, but he was not a serial rapist, though only after he had spent three years behind bars did the full truth come out.

Of the many cases currently in the news, one of the most controversial is that of Republican politician Roy Moore, and who is representing one of his accusers? None other than Gloria Allred, who represented a number of the Cosby accusers. And would you believe Gloria was sitting right next to Natassia Malthe when the young actress accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her? Actually, if you listen to her, she doesn’t actually accuse him of rape, she says she simply acquiesced, laying still, closing her eyes and playing “dead”. This happened in 2008, but she has only now found the courage to come forward.

Weinstein has previously asked her to give him oral sex, then woke her in the middle of the night, and swept into her hotel room. As far as actresses go, Miss Malthe has been very busy since 1996, but the only projects on which she appears to have worked with Weinstein are Halloween: Resurrection (2002) and Awake (2005).

What are we to make of this? The obvious conclusion is that she entered into a bargain with Harvey Weinstein, and he did not keep his side leaving her an angry woman. Hell hath no fury...and all that. As the man said, Twitter is not 9-1-1. Any woman who is raped should contact the police as soon as possible. Neither the mainstream media nor social media is the correct forum for dealing with allegations of this nature.

Historical allegations of rape or sexual assault are almost always impossible to refute, which is unquestionably the real reason almost all of these allegations are historical in nature. It is not necessary to use the word conspiracy in this context, but there is undoubtedly a broad movement aimed at further eroding due process in cases involving allegations of sexual impropriety. The media reaction of for the most part uncritical reporting has been to create a bandwagon effect.

The bottom line then is yes, all these women can be lying, those who are alleging rape almost certainly are, while those making allegations of sexual harassment are almost certainly omitting context. This article about clearly false allegations made against the British MP Kelvin Hopkins is insightful, even though the author misinterprets the lies of Ava Etemadzadeh as part of a sinister right wing plot. As though it was only males of a “left wing” persuasion who are currently under attack.

It would be possible to discuss this further, but let us end by pointing out that it is not only women who make false allegations of sexual assault. Currently, the washed up actor Corey Feldman is trying to raise ten million dollars to make a film exposing a supposed Hollywood paedophile ring. Three years ago, former child model Michael Egan made serious allegations against one of these mythical outfits. He was thoroughly discredited, and no one, not Corey Feldman nor Gloria Allred appears to have learned anything from his experience.

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