Blue Murder In Black And White

By VennerRoad, 10th Dec 2017

American blacks have long claimed they are treated worse than whites by the police. They are not. That’s the good news. It’s also the bad news.

Unrepentant killer Philip Brailsford

What does it take to convict a man of murder? If your name is Michael Stone, all it takes is a confession or rather a boast supposedly shouted through the wall of the segregation block to the prisoner in the next cell. If your name is Michael Slager, it takes an eyewitness, unimpeachable video evidence, a mistrial, and a plea bargain. If your name is Philip Brailsford, even eyewitnesses and your own video showing you executing an unarmed man in cold blood are not sufficient.

Check out this cut of the Walter Scott murder video. Slager’s actions were indefensible. What could he say, he lost it, then recovered his senses enough to both stage the crime scene and lie convincingly about his terrible deed?

Brailsford doesn’t have even that pathetic excuse. His heavily armed police unit had been sent to the Arizona hotel on what might be called a false alarm. There was no situation, no one was in danger, no one had been threatened, no shots had been fired. Now check out the shooting video, listen to Brailsford, his language, the tone of his voice, and his commands. Was it necessary for him to order Daniel Shaver to crawl towards him? If you’ve ever heard a psychopath imploring a man to give him the excuse to kill him, that voice is his. Pure belligerence. Do they really train them like that?

Now watch this third video, this is how it can and should be done. The two men shot here needed to be shot. Many would say they should have been shot dead to save the expense and spectacle of a trial. If you have seen not the footage before, these two Islamist dogs had just murdered an off-duty soldier in South London. They ran down Lee Rigby in their car then almost hacked his head off. After that, one of them gave an impromptu press conference to a member of the public, then they ran towards the unmarked police car. For all the detectives who shot them knew, they could have been wearing suicide vests, but they took them down professionally, handing them a life sentence apiece instead of the death sentence they deserved.

Police shootings in the UK are rare, even allowing for its much smaller population and generally unarmed citizenry, but the difference in training is stark, and for all their many, many faults, the British police are not generally sadists and psychopaths. Can the same truthfully be said of the American police?

There is though another factor here, we have seen some dumb, really dumb, jury verdicts in the US, two of the most outrageous being the total acquittal of O.J. Simpson and the acquittal on all the most serious charges of Casey Anthony, but there was no video in either of those cases. After taking a plea, Slager at least had the decency to apologise to the family of his victim, but Brailsford, like the arrogant sonofabitch he is, insisted when he took that stand that he had done nothing wrong and would react exactly the same way if given another chance. He was acquitted in the same courthouse where two even more notorious unrepetant killers were convicted: Jodi Arias and Marissa DeVault.

What does it take to convict a police officer of murder in the United States? Are jurors stupid, or are they got at? That question is not as frivolous as it may appear; in the UK, jury service is totally random, jurors are anonymous, and bribing or otherwise illegally influencing a jury is virtually impossible in modern times. In the United States, things are different, jurors are not anonymous.

So what can be done, apart from sending American police to the UK for firearms training? Last year, a female officer shot another innocent man in the back, killing him, again the murder was recorded on video, yet she too was cleared this year, but at the time, Donald Trump commented on the case saying she might have “choked”, and that people like her should not be patrolling the streets. She was certainly not protecting and serving. Sadly, she was back working in law enforcement this summer, and no one appears to have raised so much as a whimper.

While it is too much to ask police apologist Colin Flaherty to take his head out of his anus, the same cannot be said of now President Trump, in spite of his constant fawning on them. Perhaps someone should petition the man at the top. And if he doesn’t reign in people like Philip Brailsford, perhaps there are people out there who will.

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