Are All “Victims” Worthy Of Belief?

  By VennerRoad, 21st Oct 2017

The recent and ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal has led to an outpouring of allegations against other celebrities.

David Blaine

The Weinstein scandal was discussed here recently. It remains to be seen if those baying for his blood will succeed in dragging him into court like they did Bill Cosby, but an increasing number of people - women as well as men - are becoming skeptical about such belated allegations as can be seen from the comments sections of major websites following the recently revealed claim by the former model Natasha Prince that she was raped by magician David Blaine in 2004. As Miss Prince filed a report with the Metropolitan Police on November 17, 2016, it cannot be suggested that she is bandwaggoning on the Weinstein allegations. Nor can it be suggested by any rational person that this rape happened, except perhaps in her tiny head.

Another claim of historical rape was made in London, December last year by a woman who likewise waived her anonymity. Scottish MP Michelle Thomson claimed in the House of Commons that she was raped at the age of fourteen. Mrs Thomson was born in March 1965, so do the math. Her address was very emotional. MPs were said to have been moved to tears. At the time, she was under investigation for a property scam. What a coincidence.

Why was Mrs Thomson believed more or less uncritically while many people are skeptical of the claims by Natasha Prince? Most likely because she was not so foolish as to name her alleged rapist. In her House of Commons speech, she went through almost the entire playbook of the sexual grievance industry: she didn’t resist because she froze; she feared she was in mortal danger; she didn’t tell her parents or the police because she didn’t think she’d be believed; she blamed herself; she was still suffering...yadda, yadda, yadda.

An even more remarkable claim was made this month by the former Baywatch actress Donna D’Errico, who said she was raped twenty years ago. The ex-wife of rock star Nikki Sixx, she claims she was kidnapped in Florida, forced into a car, driven to a deserted area, stripped, raped, and abandoned. Then she made her way to the highway and flagged down a passing truck. But she never told anybody - including the truck driver? Because she was so ashamed, she even blamed herself because of the way she was dressed at the time.

As pointed out before, some rape victims are credible, others are not. A woman who flags down a truck late at night, stark naked, and undoubtedly in a distressed state, is as credible as they come. How could this not have been reported to the police, if not by her then by the truck driver? Where did he take her? Didn’t she at least attend the hospital? What did her friends say when she reappeared so? None of these obvious questions appear to have been asked by her interviewer from Inside Edition, she was simply taken at face value. Ironically, if she had claimed to have been date raped she would have had more credibility.

In spite of receiving a generous financial settlement from her talented husband, three years ago she filed for bankruptcy. Perhaps most revealing are the claims that were raised in her messy 2007 divorce proceedings, in which she acted in person. Both she and Sixx were frequent users of cocaine - which can cause hallucinations, including audio hallucinations - and distorted memories. (Sixx actually died due to his drug abuse, literally, an experience that led him to write the song Kickstart My Heart). According to Sixx, his estranged wife had worked as a stripper (nothing wrong with that) and as a prostitute, so it may be that her alleged rape had some basis in fact, but it certainly did not happen the way she claimed.

So what is really going on here? Apart from the bandwagon effect and a media feeding frenzy, we are seeing a concerted effort by legal dominance feminism and the sexual grievance industry to undermine due process. We must believe “survivors” uncritically and without evidence, however absurd their claims, however long they “delay” before reporting them. Not to do so amounts to misogyny or rape apologia, right? George W. Bush once said something very similar in an entirely different context: either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. With us included the abolition of not only due process but the suspension of habeus corpus for men accused or even suspected of terrorist crimes, their being held for years, in some cases a decade and more without trial, and being tortured into the bargain. It involved mass surveillance of the denizens of the so-called free world, and the restructuring of the Middle East with enormous loss of life, including old people and babes in arms.

While it is doubtful if even Gloria Allred would go that far, the lies she has peddled on behalf of her clients have already led to the abolition of statutes of limitations in one American state, while on both sides of the Atlantic the criminal justice system is making it more and more difficult for men accused of rape to defend themselves while at the same time making it easier for false accusers, be they malicious tarts like Eleanor de Freitas or delusional females like the actress who accused Mark Pearson of violating her in the middle of a rush hour crowd at London’s Waterloo Station.

If those who can stop this madness don’t act soon - including those in the media - no man will be safe, especially no celebrity, and as the case of Maggie Kirkpatrick shows - no woman will be safe either.

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