“Angry, White & American” — Review

  By VennerRoad, 12th Nov 2017

Did the alt-right and the Ku Klux Klan really bring death and destruction to Charlottesville? Gary Younge seems to think so, but then what does he know?

Richard Spencer

If you haven’t seen this programme, which is currently on the Channel 4 website, and if you are not in the UK, on YouTube, it is a typical smear job on the far right. Well, not so typical. Ten, certainly twenty, years ago, we would have been subjected to a by then typical guilt by association smear trip as every white person in sight who objected be it ever so mildly to uncontrolled immigration would be reminded of what happened in Nazi Germany.

That isn’t so effective now, among other things, some people have dared to ask the question, if Western governments are so concerned for the plight of non-whites, why have they murdered so many of them in the Middle East, and why are they continuing to do so, if at times only by proxy?

If you haven’t met Gary Younge, he is a fairly typical Guardian-reading dupe. In fact in 1994 he was writing for the Guardian, including an interview with Ray Hill in which he swallowed hook, like and sinker Hill’s tall stories about working undercover in the far right of first South Africa and then Britain. He has learned nothing since.

According to Younge and those who are pulling his strings, the alt-right is a demonic movement that has sprung up due to the disillusion of many white Americans with the way they and their country have been failed if not trashed by the out-of-touch elites. He speaks briefly with Jared Taylor, undoubtedly the most charismatic and reasonable of “racial realists”. And not so briefly with Richard Spencer, whom he can’t quite believe.

Younge is an idiot; he is also historically ignorant, something of which he accuses Spencer. There have been blacks in Britain since Roman times, he says. Sure, a handful, and this is relevant to Spencer’s professed desire for a white ethno-state how? He can’t quite believe Spencer’s claim that Africans have benefitted from what he calls white supremacy. Spencer says that if blacks had not existed, history would be much the same; Chuck Berry might have had something to say about that! Leaving that aside though, if Spencer’s claim can be misconstrued, Younge’s response is positively idiotic.

There is no need to gloss over the horrors of the past, which includes not only slavery but seemingly endless wars, not to mention the bubonic plague which according to some estimates wiped out over half the population of Europe between 1346 and 1353. Obviously African slaves did not benefit from slavery directly, but their ancestors, including Younge have. His assertion that if Africa had been left to pursue its own destiny, things would have worked out better for everyone is absurd. Anyone who thinks otherwise should watch the 1925 short film In The Land Of Giants And Pygmies which shows the conditions in which Africans lived before the white man. The current population of Africa is around 1.2 billion; in 1900 it was 120 million. That increase is due to technology, including medicine, Western medicine, not African witch doctors.

Although he can’t face Spencer’s unpalatable truths, Younge is not unsympathetic to the problems faced by the great majority of whites, but he cannot help looking at poverty and other social problems through the lens of race, and only of race.

He investigates the drug problem but starts playing the numbers game, drawing parallels between the black experience of drugs and the new epidemic among whites. For whites it is seen as a health problem, while for blacks it was a social/crime problem. What he doesn’t mention is that the war on drugs was endorsed by many black leaders alarmed at what crack-cocaine in particular was doing to the inner cities. Race is not the issue here, but Sevareid’s law.

He even talks about white privilege, this privileged man who drives from New York to Mississippi in his luxury car staying at hotels and eating out on expenses. There is a lot more in this programme, but he does include a mention of Hillary Clinton and her “basket of deplorables” quote. He might have added that Clinton, a passionate advocate for downtrodden blacks, wore a seven and a half thousand dollar jacket while delivering her New York primary acceptance speech. Surely even an honest “bigot” like Richard Spencer is preferable to that kind of chutzpah?

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