Wicked Harold’s Designer Babies

Hi there, in case you didn’t recognise me, I am Harold Covington, General Secretary of the Northwest Front and Migration.


The purpose of the Northwest Front is summed up in what we call The Ten Words:
We Will Create a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.


I said we, actually I meant me, because frankly, the programme has been a complete and utter failure so far...


because you white folks lack character. You are totally intransigent, and nothing I say or do seems to be able to motivate you.


So I’ve come up with an alternative plan...


if you can’t be bothered to come to the Homeland...


the Homeland will come to you.




Wicked Harold’s Designer Babies!




Yes, just dial our special Freefone number, and the Northwest Front will be delivered to your door.


Waddaya say, baby? Wanna make sweet Lili Marlčne with me?


Don’t listen to him. Remember the Belsen gas chambers!


Shut the fuck up!


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