Where To Now, Saint Brendan?

Where to now, Saint Brendan?
Only you and Heaven know;
Iím older but no wiser,
And Iíve nowhere left to go.

Would I could take a coracle
And sail the sea like you,
Or find a seer and oracle
To guide in all I do.

But itís too late, Saint Brendan,
The sands of time are gone,
Iím standing on the threshold
Of my oblivion.

Would I could fly like Mercury
An eagle on the wing,
Iíd take me high where none can see,
Away from suffering.

But Iíve no wings, Saint Brendan,
No motor and no sail,
And I am weak from running,
I cannot long prevail.

So tell me this is not the end,
My hourís not yet come,
Show me the way, my saintly friend,
For soon I will be done.

Where to now, Saint Brendan?
Please be my light and guide,
Iím tired of all this running
And I need a place to hide.

My mind and body weaken,
Sanctuary I yearn,
Iíve never felt so beaten,
Tell me Saint Brendan, tell me please,
Which way and where I turn.

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