When Terror Is Politically Correct

The recent gaoling of David Copeland for the London nail-bombings last spring led to immense coverage in both the mainstream media and the left wing press. The July issue of Searchlight, the Jewish-controlled, anti-British and anti-white race hate magazine, which, curiously, is edited by a fully paid up member of the British National Party, (1) is devoted almost entirely to him, and goy-hater Nick Lowles, one of the magazine’s rising stars, has already collaborated on a biography of the 22 year old psycho.

Gable and his gang have openly condemned the British National Party and its fellow racists as morally if not literally responsible for Copeland’s atrocities. Similar outrage was directed at the BNP over the murder of Stephen Lawrence, and the tragic slaying of one black teenager who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time was used by the extreme left to start a riot in Welling in October 1993. In the forefront of this riot was the Socialist Workers Party and its front organisation ANAL, the so-called Anti Nazi League. If anything, the overkill resulting from the murder of Stephen Lawrence was even more hysterical than that from the London nail-bombings, which unlike the Lawrence gang had the potential to kill dozens or even hundreds of innocent people.

Obviously Copeland, whatever his motives, is a nutter who must be unequivocally condemned, and to the BNP’s credit they have stated consistently that they are in favour of the death penalty for all terrorists, (2) but what about their detractors? Now here’s a funny thing.

In October 1993, the IRA planted a bomb in the Shankill Road in an attempt to destroy the UDA’s headquarters. Ten people were killed, including one of the bombers. Did the Socialist Workers Party picket Gerry Adams? You bet they didn’t. The nearest they came to condemning the outrage was an article in the October 30 issue of Socialist Worker in which the paper lamented

“The IRA’s bomb was aimed at the UDA’s headquarters in an office above the fish shop where people died.
The IRA later apologised for killing innocent people. This will not do.”

In February 1994, a Zionist fanatic named Barukh Goldstein gunned down twenty-nine people in a mosque before being killed by angry Palestinians. The Hebron Massacre made worldwide headlines, not the least because of the shocking response attributed to one Zionist rabbi, who at the murderer’s funeral proclaimed that a million Arabs were not worth a Jewish fingernail, a response that was strongly condemned by the Chief Rabbi in both the Jewish Chronicle and the Times. The motive for the Hebron Massacre appears to have been racial hatred, pure and simple.

So what did Searchlight, the INTERNATIONAL “anti-fascist” magazine, have to say about the Hebron Massacre? Nothing. The incident wasn’t even reported. Not only are the lives of a million Arabs not worth a Jewish fingernail, but the deaths of twenty-nine Arabs aren’t worth even a line of print.

So why did the carnage generated by David Copeland lead to such massive news coverage while the same magazine that writes a book about this racist killer doesn’t even mention a Jewish mass murderer who puts Copeland to shame? And why did Socialist Worker condemn the murder of Stephen Lawrence yet barely scold the IRA for blowing ten innocent people to Kingdom Come? Is it because Lawrence was black, and only black deaths matter? No. Black murders go unreported everyday, when they are murdered by other blacks, as they are in post-Colonial Zimbabwe and more generally in “liberated” Africa.

The prosaic truth is that some murders are politically correct; the SWP may disagree with the IRA’s methods, but they are in total agreement with their objectives, so they don’t disagree that much. And as for Searchlight and Zionist fanatic Barukh Goldstein, by their own logic, the fascistic philosophy of political Zionism or at the very least the Israeli government is responsible for the Hebron Massacre, but let’s face it, who but an anti-Semite would condemn a Jewish mass murderer? Isn’t an attack on one Jew a coded reference to an attack on all Jews?

Returning to David Copeland, although the jury rejected his plea of diminished responsibility, some people might suggest that he must be mad if he truly believes some of the things he claimed to believe. (3) Like his claim that in five years the BNP will be in power and he will be released from gaol a hero. Copeland certainly isn’t mad if he believes this, he is simply wrong. Sean Kelly, one of the men who planted the Shankill Road bomb, was released from gaol on July 28 having previously been out on Christmas leave as long ago as 1998, less than four years after receiving nine life sentences. This was part of the “peace process” which has seen the IRA bomb its way to the negotiating table. (4)

The BNP will not be in power in five years, nor ever, and Copeland will die in prison, or in one of the Special Hospitals where his family and legal team insist he belongs. He has been condemned as a murderer and he will die condemned as a murderer, but only because the outrages he perpetrated were politically incorrect.

Alexander Baron,
South London

July 29, 2000

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