David Webb travelled fairly widely. As an actor he performed in many theatres across Britain, but during his holidays and travels generally he collected all manner of publications, including some relating to the theatre. For example, there is a programme for the play Hollywood Hoot which was performed at Los Angeles in 1976. This is listed on the main site index page. On the other hand, the “Guide To Las Vegas Shows” is listed below. Other publications such as maps, and those published by the National Trust, etc, are likewise listed below.

Amsterdam, Aero Hotel: A folded A4 leaflet
Amsterdam: City Informatie Amsterdam, 1990
The above is a free guide in Dutch and English, A5 in size.
Ayot St. Lawrence: Shaw’s Corner * C
The inside back cover of the above National Trust pamphlet is blank, so has not been scanned.
Brighton: The Royal Pavilion Brighton, circa 1987, (cover only)
This illustrated pamphlet is 29cm by 20.8cm approximately. Included in this file is the A4 leaflet I found inside it. This is folded in 2 places to make 6 pages but is scanned here unfolded as back and front.
Chester: HISTORIC CHESTER, (apparently 1978).
The above booklet which was added November 8, 2021 is approximately 17 x 12cm, whatever size that is.
The inside front cover and inside back cover of the above pamphlet have both been left blank so have not been scanned.
Esbjerg, Denmark: Ansgar Missionhotellet - a leaflet
Holland: English to Dutch translator & vice versa
Front - English to Dutch
Fanned - translated both ways
Back - Dutch to English
The three scans above are fairly self-explanatory; the designations front and back are arbitrary on my part. Presumably David Webb picked up this device while he was holidaying in the Netherlands, or just before he went.
Fife, Falkland Palace: A bookmark
Haverford West: Official Guide To Haverford West, by C. Douglas James
The first edition of the above guide was published in 1938; this may be a later one. Page 12 has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise.
Las Vegas: Guide To Las Vegas Shows, undated
The above is a leaflet folded in half twice, it is approximately 21.6cm in height, and is scanned here as follows: pages 3 (back) and 4 (front); pages 5 & 6; 7 & 8 (one side); pages 1 & 2.
Scotland, National Trust: A bookmark
New York, United States: Sight-See New York by Helicopter - a leaflet
New York, United States: New York travel breaks by Pan-Am - a leaflet
The above leaflet is folded to make 8 pages.

Downe, Kent: Flyer for the home of Charles Darwin
The above double-sided A4 flyer (folded) was picked up on Penge Library in December 2013, but it is the sort of thing David Webb collected, and the type of place he visited.

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