This was never intended to be a fan site, but among the documents removed from David Webb’s Flood Street apartment prior to its clearance were a number of fan letters. These were delivered to me on May 29, 2013, and I began scanning them the same night. I had already been made aware of these letters, and had drafted a generic reply which was posted to all concerned prior to that date. The url in this letter is to the Personal Photographs page.

During the course of his campaigning work for NCROPA, David Webb wrote countless letters to friend and “non-friend” alike. Some of these were quite lengthy, and I would have expected him to have replied in similar fashion to fans, especially those who took the trouble to contact him through a proxy and to enclose, in at least one case, an international reply coupon. Some of these fans also enclosed photographs for him to sign. I have no idea how many fan letters he received nor to how many he replied; I suspect it was not a great many, but although with his usual thoroughness he stamped the letters scanned here as received, he does not appear to have replied to any of them. At the time of writing - May 30, 2013 - I have already exchanged e-mails with one of these fans, who confirmed that he had received no response, but he did he say he had received the letter with the photograph David Webb’s executor mailed out earlier this month. All but one of the fan letters below have been redacted.

For those fans who wanted and perhaps still want a David Webb autograph, there are numerous examples of this on the aforementioned NCROPA website, and many photographs of the man can be found in the two photo sections on this site, from a very young age until a very old one.

Several versions of his acting CV can be found on the Personal Documents page.

Fan letter from Richie Cooper

Letter to David Webb: front of envelope and back
The above goes with the second letter below.
From a fan in Colchester, November 2005
From a fan in Colchester, April 2009

Fan letter from Haywards Heath, June 2006
Fan letter from Haywards Heath, July 2007

Personal letter: This letter - part 1, part 2 & part 3 was from someone David Webb knew personally. I did make a provisional note about it then decided to anonymise it. One e-mail address has been redacted. Having said that, I am not entirely sure if it is one document or two. It was scanned like this due to the limitations of my equipment at the time.

Fan letter from Simon Hewitt, November 2007
Fan mail from Stoke-on-Trent - front and back, February 2008
Fan letter from Hamilton, New Zealand, October 2008
Letter from a teenage fan, March 2009
Fan letter from Hove, November 2009


All the photographs in this section appear to relate to Dr Who; they were sent in by fans, possibly one fan.

Fan photo (1)
Fan photo (2)
Fan photo (3)
Fan photo (4)
Fan photo (5)


David Webb’s last letter, January 10, 2012
The above is probably not the last letter David Webb ever wrote, but it is his last letter to family and friends. I am informed that some people send these out at the end of the year, or in this case the beginning of the new year. I have never done this, primarily because I don’t have any friends. The epistle has had an address redacted.

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