Arrest Warrant Issued For Fredrick Töben

German prosecutors have today applied to the Australian authorities for the arrest and extradition of Australiaís most notorious Holocaust Denier, Dr Fredrick Töben after he issued a press release in which he denied the Dresden Holocaust.

For years, Dr Töbenís Adelaide Institute has been claiming the widely touted figure of a quarter of a million deaths in the fire bombing of Dresden in February 1945 has been greatly exaggerated by the Germans in order to extract tea and sympathy and reparations from the Allies, and to put all Germans above criticism. Yesterday, he went one step further by claiming that the real figure was nearer twenty-five thousand rather than the generally accepted estimate of two hundred and fifty thousand given by such reputable historians as David Irving.

Dr Töben also said it was true, and he had seen proof himself, that the Germans always got the deck chairs, and that their much vaunted beer was flat.

Klaus Riefenstahl of the Ministry of Justice said if Töbenís obscene views were not punished swiftly and summarily, they could lead to a further outbreak of anti-Germanism in Britain and America. The Anti-Deutsches Defamation League (ADDL) had already noted an alarming rise in anti-German chanting at football matches and a 25% fall in the sale of frankfurter sausages.

Suggesting that only a mere twenty-five thousand had been killed in these notorious raids was tantamount to Holocaust Denial. Moreover, it was an absurd claim as everybody knows, the existence of the Dresden Holocaust is every bit as established as the gas chambers of Dachau and Belsen.


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