Time To Put The Queers
Back In The Closet

O Western Man, what folly have you done?
This virus AIDS is spreading like the pox,
For when you fuck each other up the bum
Itís more than shit youíre smearing on your cocks,
Itís also this incurable disease:
The wages of the sin you so appease.

The filth of homosexuality,
The sleaziness of whoring and the like,
The recklessness of promiscuity,
And now it isnít just the fag and dike,
But straights: doctors and haemophiliacs
Contracting it thanks to your squalid acts.

Yet still you will insist that queer is gay,
That AC/DCís really turning on,
Thereís no such thing as an unnatural way
Of copulating, but you are so wrong.
Youíd best wake up, and wake up pretty quick
Great White Chief, for believe me, you are sick.

You carp about erosion of your rights,
Discrimination is your usual shout,
That blacks are often kept at bay by whites,
And women are oppressed: queers too no doubt!
Sex and race may be open to debate:
Perversion must be stamped out by the state.

No, not by concentration camps or jail,
But by taboo, and through the media,
Yes, left the civil rights campaigners rail,
But we must end this Ďgayí euphoria.
No more must equal opportunities
Be made an issue where perversion lives.

The rent boys must be driven off the street,
The homo shops and magazines closed down;
However much they whine and scream and bleat
The fairies must be driven out of town.
In short, throughout the land, this foul deposit
Must be put back where it belongs: the closet.

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