THAT WONDERFUL WORD “CONSPIRACY” - A Revisionist Perspective

I have been meaning to write this for sometime to clarify a few points about the uses and abuses of the word conspiracy. I confess that I have at times, in my earlier publications, been guilty of perpetuating an innocent error in connection with its use, misuse and abuse, so if you have reached this page from such a link, please read on. And if you haven’t, read on anyway.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word conspiracy as a combination of persons for an evil or unlawful purpose. As the word “evil” is very often subjective, and as the word “unlawful” can and often does include much innocuous human behaviour, the word “conspiracy” is broad enough to encompass almost all human activity.

To take an extreme example, there are some self-styled humanists and atheists who regard any manifestation of religion or religious belief as evil. Some of these people could, and probably do, consider religion to be a massive conspiracy against mankind.

On the legal front, much of what most of us do has been illegal at some point in history. An organisation, an ideology, or even a hobby that is suppressed by the state, can exist only as a conspiracy. The Christians who smuggled Bibles into Soviet Russia were part of a conspiracy. The men and women who ran the Underground Railroad in the antebellum United States were part of a conspiracy. Three Westerners drinking alcohol at a private dwelling in Saudi Arabia are members of a conspiracy. Would any intelligent, educated person in the modern world claim that smuggling Bibles was a criminal conspiracy? Would anyone with a brain claim that assisting slaves to escape constituted a conspiracy, criminal or otherwise?

A conspiracy does not have to be secret – this is the mistake I made in for example The World Zionist Conspiracy: Exposed By A Rabbi wherein I wrote “A conspiracy is by definition an agreement made in secret between two or more parties to carry out something, usually a criminal act. In this sense, Zionism is not a conspiracy since there is no secret about the power of Organised Jewry or their desire to make the rest of the world bow down before Imperial Zion.”

The members of a conspiracy do not have to communicate with each other, know each other, or even know each other exist except perhaps in an extremely general sense. As Nathaniel Weyl put it, the two largest conspiracies of the Twentieth Century were both open conspiracies – the Nazi conspiracy, and the Communist conspiracy. There is also what is known as a conspiracy of silence. In some societies this can include rape, the abuse of women, of children, of the elderly, of the disabled...There is institutional corruption, bribery, and of course those horrible chimeras racism, sexism, and of late homophobia.

In my dealings with anti-Revisionists, militant crypto-Jews and “anti-racist” creeps, I have time and time again been met with specious arguments that wilfully confuse what might be called the various types of conspiracy. Their pseudo-arguments against the main Revisionist position is basically ho, ho, ho, the Holocaust is a conspiracy invented by “the Jews”, is it?

Has any mainstream Revisionist ever claimed this? And what does “the Jews” mean? Every Jew in the world including your local rabbi, Mr Cohen the tailor, and Dr Rosenthal your local GP? After ridiculing you – or perhaps I should say me – as a conspiracy theorist, a crank, mad, etc, they will then often go on to espouse a conspiracy theory of their own, usually along the lines that the Revisionist movement is secretly funded by neo-Nazis intent on re-writing the history of World War Two in order to erase their crimes as a necessary step to restoring the Third Reich. In recent years, this conspiracy theory has been augmented with wicked Islamic Fundamentalists including the Iranian Government and its charismatic leader, President Ahmadinejad, the one those arch-liars the ADL claimed threatened to wipe their beloved Israel off the map.

There is clearly both a qualitative and a quantitative difference between a conspiracy of silence in which large tranches of society simply ignore some form of behaviour – hear, no, see no, speak no evil – and two men who commit a burglary, or stage one in order to make a bogus insurance claim.

Don’t be deceived by the rhetoric of people who deny the existence of conspiracies. Clearly, the existence of some alleged conspiracies are extremely implausible, but often they are not that implausible.

I personally have conducted a lot of research on a number of criminal cases that have been and in some cases continue to be presented to Joe Public as outrageous miscarriages of justice. The conviction of Satpal Ram for the murder of Clarke Pearce; the conviction of Mumia Abu-Jamal for the murder of Daniel Faulkner; the conviction of Linda Carty for the murder of Joana Rodriguez; and many others, have all been presented to the public and in some cases continue to be presented to the public as miscarriages of justice. In the case of Linda Carty, the London-based Reprieve organisation, a registered charity that solicits donations from the public, launched a campaign in Britain which not only protested her innocence but recruited a number of female celebrities to lie wilfully on her behalf. In most of these cases, appeal judgments which include findings of fact can be found with very little effort, yet campaigners continue to churn out lying propaganda which the mass media parrots uncritically.

In recent years we have heard much about a new phenomenon called spin; this is actually old beer in new bottles – it used to be called propaganda. It is now generally accepted that our governments lie to us, not simply the people at the very top but their press officers, the people they choose to staff committees and public enquiries, the bureaucrats, all the way down to the local level. It happens everyday, in some countries the level of corruption in and around both national and local government beggars belief, everybody is on the take. Our detractors will accept that, just don’t mention the word conspiracy, and when it comes to the Middle East, the mass media or the so-called Holocaust, never but never use the words “conspiracy” and “Jew” in the same sentence.

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