A Poem For Terry Jones

Let’s burn the Qur’an,
We good Christian folk,
That Islam religion
Is just a sick joke.

They aren’t decent people,
And caring like us,
They don’t like a tipple,
They don’t swear and cuss.

They’re all out to bomb us,
We’d never do that,
(Apart from Iraq
And that Afghanistat).

They don’t respect human rights,
That’s what I say,
Unlike us from here
To Guantánamo Bay.

They’re so anti-social,
They don’t fornicate,
We can’t have them here
Spreading that sort of hate.

Or saying that we ought
To audit the Fed,
Ban credit creation,
They’re off of their heads!

We good Christian people,
Upstanding and kind,
Are wise to their evil,
While others are blind.

We’re tolerant folk,
Unlike those sons of bitches,
Now let’s burn their holy book
Like we burned witches!

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