Teresa Lewis Strikes A Blow For Women’s Rights

The loony feminists of the “wimmin’s movement” are forever complaining about how oppressed they are in a male-dominated society. This nonsense – which has nothing at all to do with women’s suffrage - began in the 1960s when the usual suspects – American, middle class “intellectuals” – hit on the idea that just as blacks were oppressed, so too were women. So they mobilised for abortion on demand, “consciousness raising” and the equating of consexual sex with rape. Well, if you felt guilty the morning after, what else could it have been?

Strangely, one thing these angry “wimmin” never complained about was their disproportionate under-representation amongst the criminal fraternity and the mentally ill, for it is a truism that men have always been the weaker as well as the stronger sex. Or could it have been just plain old sexism that led to such shocking social inequality?

Now, the State of Virginia has began in a small way to redress the balance with the execution of forty-one year old Teresa Lewis, the first woman to be legally executed in the United States for five years, and the first in Virginia since 1912.

Lewis was said to have had an IQ of only 72, making her a borderline moron. She may have been of low intelligence, but she wasn’t so dumb she couldn’t do the math behind her crime. She arranged the murders of both her husband and stepson, and stood to profit by a cool quarter of a million dollars if her coup had come off. Sadly for her if not for justice, it didn’t. Her co-conspirators were both gaoled for life; one committing suicide in prison four years ago.

Her execution paves the way for Linda Carty, who was sentenced to death in 2002 for the kidnap and murder of a young mother. Unlike Lewis, Carty carried out the crime in person, smothering Joana Rodriguez with a plastic bag as she lay bound in the trunk of a car. Also, unlike Lewis, Carty continues to protest her innocence, including through a worldwide campaign of disinformation by the British charity Reprieve, which has duped large tranches of both the media and the public. Unfortunately for Carty though, no one who matters is listening.

Teresa Lewis: repentant murderess, but remorse was not enough.

Don’t smile Linda - you’re next.

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