The Strangest Hatred

I’ve been branded and hounded near four thousand years,
The bane of Mankind, the dude everyone fears,

I can’t understand their intolerant jeers;
Tell me why is it everyone hates me?

’Twas psychoanalysis I gave to you:
Young boys all desire their own Mummies to screw,

Race-mixing, neurosis, all came from my crew,
Please tell me why everyone hates me.

I founded a most excellent magazine
To brand White Survival disgusting, obscene,

And hired Raymond Hill to show just what I mean.
And yet still it seems everyone hates me.

E’en in my own land (I stole from the A-rabs),
When I shoot pregnant women, kill their unborn babs
Vile goyim denounce me - You Jew-hating scabs!

I will never know why you so hate me.

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